Mar 20, 2017

From Maloney ...


I have not been lost, just trying to retire. A miserable failure so far at it.

Hope all is well with you and family and you had a good/great 2016. Just starting to go out in water after being sick for a few months, down in NZ for a few weeks.

My friend who takes me surfing sent me this photo, just thought it was kind of funny, head buried in wave. (At my age, everything is funny.)

 I’m looking forward to more water time as things warm up.

All the best, Michael

PS My wife said if I bungee jumped down in NZ not to come home. I don't think you can go down to NZ without jumping off of something!


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Speedshaper said...

Michael, You've got the right attitude (and mattitude) to retire! It ain't about slowing down and kicking back, it's turning up the life volume to 11!