Jun 23, 2017

From Adam

Howdy Paul

Hope all is well and sending you some positive energy! (Yes, Eric told me about your health problems). So chin up mate!!

Anyways....I had a Roster Day Off  (RDO) from work yesterday, and score some fun waves with Neal for a few hours out at the Island, both of us riding mats, Neal on his Tracker RT, myself enjoying my beautiful 'slow leak' Omni! This mat would be my favorite , only had to top it up occasionally with a touch more air, so much speed and drift when wanted, such a great ride.

Neal and I had shared a few crossovers and laugh's, we had a blast! Coffee afterwards, catching up with old school mates, then another surf check of the Island, by then the swell had swung more north, so it was breaking both sides.

Power to the Canvas!



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tuskedbeast said...

That setup is so bitchen'!
It looks, correct me if I'm wrong, like a slope-y face, as opposed to steep. Had a very memorable "mat breakthrough" session at a point break in Northern NZ that was a kind of weird combination that is fairly unusual: a flat face that breaks quickly down the line. You zipped along very fast without wasn't much in the way of adjustments to make, which looks like the excellent rides I'm seeing on your video. Looks fast, long, easy and fun!!