Jun 18, 2017

From Rob



The new mats have been a blast! The UDT Super Sport catches all these little lines. It's not a speed demon, more like driving a Cadillac on a Sunday, but it catches everything and took me on some extended rides in 1-2' wind slop. My Giant friends are loving the mat even more than I am! 
Ryan rode the mat Saturday morning and got a better understanding of what mat surfing was all about. He caught a ton of waves this session and you could really see how having a mat that fits you, and the conditions you are surfing, is imperative. Ryman also got in on the action after starting his session on a longboard. It was shallow where it was breaking, so he almost called it quits. I offered him the Fatty and he got an inside barrel on his third wave. The session was filled with Joy, laughter, and Stoke. I'm pretty sure Chris posted some pictures on Instagram.

I got home and loaded up the Van for Mariah's company picnic at Dolphin Plaza. When we got there, my son Tristan and I headed down to the ocean to try out his Custom Mini-Lotus. I've been working a lot with him in the pool with his fins and he was excited to get in the lineup with me. He paddled out flawlessly, and we waited for a wave. I would call the wave out and tell him to turn and start kicking when he needed to. I kept him slightly inside of me, and the wave lifted us at the same time, I watched his face light up as he let out a yell. 
We caught party waves until my legs barely worked anymore. Two feet is chest high on an 8 year old, and triple over head on a mat 🙂! I had some great conversations with him out there yesterday, these are moment that I will never forget. I asked T how he liked his new mat after our session and he responded with "It's so sick!" 
After we all ate, Mariah also made it outside and kicked into her first open faced wave! The Joy we are sharing as a family is priceless. These mats get better and better! I tried to get up for Fathers Day Dawn Patrol but I was just too beat after 8hrs of Sun and Surf yesterday. 
Thanks for all you do Paul, your work has made such a difference to my family. I didn't get any pics this time because we where all in the water 🙂. Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Rob Pollard

The guy in the shots is Ryan on the UDT. No pics of Tristan because Mariah was in the water with us

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