Jul 6, 2017

National Lampoon's "Rob Vacation"


The Family had a blast in the mountains with my Mom! I did a pretty good job being away from the Ocean, I only talked about mat surfing 3-4 times a day 😀.  Asheville NC was beautiful, we visited the Biltmore Estate, and sliding rock, both adventures where a lot of Fun!

We got home on Saturday evening and I've been surfing ever since 😂! 1-2' with occasional sneakers. I did two a day sessions on Sunday and Monday, catching both the low, and high tides. The Fatty did not disappoint! The pace is slower but it's an incredible learning experience. I watch a lot of surfers pass on small waves, but they can teach you a ton about trimming and really get you better at catching waves. Chris caught a couple of photos during the Sunday session.

I was very honored to be on the header of Surfmatters! Sending lots of Positive Vibes and Healing Energy your way! Stay Strong and Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Super Stoked,


tuskedbeast said...

Rob- cool photos as usual. The paddling shot is striking, face buried in the mat, getting maximum self-generated speed without much help from the wave. Catching and riding very small waves on a mat is not easy!

Rob Pollard said...

Thanks for the comment tuskedbeast, Chris always makes you look good when he's behind the lens! I've really been working on my paddling and form during the summer. I look at any swell as a blessing, and an opportunity to improve my surfing! I want to one day travel and surf with all you wonderful mat surfers! I've never surfed a point break, but I dream of them when I close my eyes at night. There is nothing better than sharing waves with friends, on a craft you can shape as you surf! Yeeeewww!