Aug 21, 2017

4GF Back To School Sale !!!

Isn't it great when you don't have to go to school anymore?

And what about those cheesy "Back To School" sales? I would start getting depressed a month before school even started!

So, to celebrate our escape into adulthood, 4GF is having an ironic Back To School Sale. $40 off our high end mats, and $25 off the Classic model.

To sweeten the deal, if you order 2 or more mats, $50 off each high end mat, and $30 off each Classic!!!

To order, open our home page at, go to the drop down list along the top, click on 'surfmats,' pick a model or models, and order from there. We'll rebate the sale amount back into your account within a day of receiving your order.

The sale period runs through September 30.

One thing to keep in mind...during sale periods, we're backed up with orders. Your mat will probably arrive in a couple of weeks for US orders, or a month for foreign plan ahead.


Paul and Gloria


Geoffrey Levens said...

Yes and a little no. I grew up in SoCal too. And to me, since 8th grade when I started surfing seriously, September/October always meant late summer Santa Ana winds with first of the years West or Northwest ground swells or a last strong South swell. Too cowardly to cut school, the bummer was indeed Monday through Friday. Then back to the beach for Saturday and Sunday.

"And you're not going unless that lawn is mowed!" Damn many Friday or Saturday evenings, mowing in the dark using a flashlight in one hand to light my way...

Hugh said...

Stoked! Just ordered an Omni. Let me know when I can see that discount?