Oct 14, 2017

From Adam And The Fourth Gear Frothers

Howdy Paul, hope all is well mate!

Well the froth continues ...have been riding the Lotus and Standard in various reef / point breaks , just loving the feel and slide ! I would definitely lean towards the Lotus as my favorite, such a quick and responsive mat to ride...and power to the canvas deck, the extra surface tension makes a treat to lay on and the beast grip that never wears or needing a top up, 10 quackers in our book!

Below is some vision from a couple of Sundays back, Justin came down for the early ( it was 5.30 and pitch black when we met up) and he had Ron Anderson , father of Chris and founder of Ecto Handplanes with him, it was Ron's first surf on a mat , so after the 100 m paddle out , I did mention to him to never let go and gave him a fe tips on how to duck dive a mat, and to Ron's credit, he caught a few and never let go, was so stoked for him!

The next weekend we all headed down a touch further south and scored some fun little right handers , Neal sat and watched as he had better waves during the week ;) so just Paul, Phil and myself, with a bonus visit from Eric the Seal .

Last Sunday Justin came down again for the early, such a beautiful red pre dawn, the ocean was awashed with a red glow, just makes it so worth while to get your backside out of bed and see it...the waves were just a bonus thrown in for free.

Yesterday was my RDO , so made the most of it and had 2 surfs, Gilligans & Mat Reef , Eric's favorite wave.

One from last year, just Neal and myself, full speed figure eight crossovers....zoom!

And some stills to go with it...


Oct 13, 2017

Custom Rash Guards From Rob

Rob from Jacksonville put together a few custom rashguards...nice!

Oct 6, 2017

More from Adam


Hi Paul

Had some fun little waves this morning with Paul and Phil, so we all got to swap the mats around, really enjoying the Lotus, such a fast mat on the plane, hopefully the Island will be on tomorrow morning, back to work Tuesday for me.

A few moments captured from this morning, that's Phil with a Standard, post surf pig out and coffee, and we walked around after to check out the holiday crowds out at the Island.

More Video Vision below! 



Oct 3, 2017

Notes From The Road

Hey there, 
Still slowly making our way home in our new rig, "Bullwrinkle".  The name an homage to its British Columbia manufacture, and the extra letter due to its owners both being on Medicare. 

I'm not imagining a heap of swell down there, as here in the wild PacNW it's still fairly tame.  There was a nice storm and sizable swell when we were in Tofino, west coast Vancouver Island. MEGA surf scene there.  I dubbed it Encinitas al Norte.  It was rainy, not windy, but plenty disorganized enough to discourage me from a paddle out.  Walking on the super scenic beaches was good enough. 
One spot I'd love to visit when it's on is Jordan River.  Gorgeous glassy clear day when we went through, but sadly only about one foot.  Looks like 3 distinct breaks -- a left reef, a right rocky point, with a sandbar right and left in the middle.  All within paddling distance of one another!  Beautiful setup.  

Just crossed back into CA late this PM, Crescent City, after a lovely drive down Oregon Coast.  Big windsurfing spot, Pistol River, was nukin!!!   One lonely guy was out there blazin.  Not up to that kind of sailing these days, but what an incredible beach that is.  

Love those drive-through camp slots.  This one was perfectly level, both directions.  Park n' Chock!   Hoh Rainforest, Olympic Peninsula.

The title to my next movie.  No, not Evacuation Route!   "Recreation, next left!"

A parting shot...Clearing storm, Lake Quinault.
ETA in SB, Oct 6th...


Oct 2, 2017

From Jeremy

Hi Paul,

4th gear flyer dropping in on my son.

Photo by Paul Brook Jr.