Feb 18, 2017

From Rob ...



Last Saturday was blast! The surf was small but Chris and I had a ton of fun! The first two are me, and the last one was my attempt to get Chris with my finger in the frame :). I think that's a look of concentration on my face in the first picture...I promise I'm having a blast!!! Keep spreading the Stoke! I Love these vehicles of Joy!

Super Stoked,


Feb 17, 2017

Feb 14, 2017

She Was Warned ...

She was given an explanation...

Nevertheless, she persisted...


Feb 4, 2017

From Steiny ..

Opening tonight!

Feb 3, 2017

From Bob ...

A lonely surfmatter caught in the act by a Surfline cam at Pismo Beach pier.

I also got wet yesterday...completely different environment.  Ya should have been here yesterday...


Feb 2, 2017

From Adam ...

Hi Paul,
The mat footage is from winter, 2 years ago. I can still remember that day as the offshore had been blowing and most places nearby were firing , so the crowd factor was just a handful. I was surfing the bowl section out the front of the Island ,solid and big loopy take offs with just myself and one other footboarder sharing the takeoff , winter always pumps not like our miserable summer, its been such a bummer for waves this year and the crowds have increased in the past couple of years!

You have George Greenough , we have Neal Cameron! He is such a wizz and thinker, a true devotee to George and Peter Berry , he has recently been working on a foil for Pam Burridge, its a collective effort between himself and Pam's husband , Mark Rabbidge .

Feb 1, 2017

From Steiny's Secret Spot ...


Smaller and less powerful today but very clean and fun. Lotus did as asked.

Thanks for all. Stein