Jan 18, 2018

From Aaron

Hey Paul,

First filled in swell of the season at Rincon and every possible kook with zero skill showed up. It was a total shit show. I waited until dark for them all to leave and then grabbed a few screamers in the cove.

The video was shot at the end of the day and I was holding at the top of the point, but the incredibly poor ability of the people in the water made it impossible to safely take a wave. Eventually as it got darker, I took an inside wave to relocate down the point. The videographer managed to capture the ride. Nothing to write home about but still a mat wave on video. 

My mat wave starts at 32:35.



Rob Pollard said...

Yeeewwwwwwww! That looks like such a Fun Wave! Great Slide!

Unknown said...

Yeah Aaron Ive seen you Killin it many times thanks for making me feel good I didn't miss it. Tom R. Sebastopol