Jan 9, 2018

From Dirk Brandts

Saturday mat meet CANCELLED.

In the latest rainstorm in Santa Barbara, there was a major disaster just a few miles away, and many people perished in flash floods and mudflows. Dozens of my close friends have been forced to evacuate, and some have lost their homes. Tim and I just walked ourselves through the decision tree, and came to the same conclusion about the mat meet -- the vibe says "no."

Travel is difficult and people are hurting. I feel that as it stands it doesn’t seem right to do the mat meet here and now. As my old friend Laurens van Der Post told me once, "One mustn't force Time."

Saturday Mat meet CANCELLED.



Rob Pollard said...

My heart goes out to all my Brothers and Sisters on the West Coast. Hang in there and lean on each other. Positive Vibes and Healing Energy my Friends! Much Love from Florida!

Anonymous said...