Jan 18, 2018

From PG

I've been trying to dodge the overhead swells up here on the Central Coast this week. Most of our spots are macking, and not in a good way.

I went out at Shell Beach mid morning -- a semi-protected stretch of coastline -- and spent most of the session pushing through walls of close out white water...

But occasionally, a smaller one with some shape would sneak through, and I could hook into it...

Gilligan's Island it ain't...but fun nonetheless!


tuskedbeast said...

The mega-rare PG hisself appearing in his own blog!


Beautiful shots. Especially love the curling frond shot.

¡Vive la viva!

Geoffrey Levens said...

"I feel your pain!" Used to live along Sonoma coast and my go-to was a swell magnet beach break. Quite frequently I'd spend 30 minutes or so, head down, full speed paddling and ducking only to look up and find myself 200 yards down the beach and still only about 100 feet from dry sand. Sigh... At least I was the only one out ;) Time for something hot to eat/drink at that point.

Paul Gross said...


I try to keep my "brand" as rarefied as possible.