Jan 7, 2018

Southern California Mat Riders:


Saturday mat meet CANCELLED. 

In the latest rainstorm there was a major disaster just a few miles away, and many people perished in flash floods and mudflows. Dozens of my close friends have been forced to evacuate, and some have lost their homes. Tim and I just walked ourselves through the decision tree, and came to the same conclusion about the mat meet -- the vibe says "no." Travel is difficult and people are hurting. I feel that as it stands it doesn’t seem right to do the mat meet here and now. As my old friend Laurens van Der Post told me once, "One mustn't force Time."

Mat meet CANCELLED. 


Filmmaker Tim Ciasto and I (Dirk Brandts) have a nice full schedule while he’s here. We are expecting 2 days of rain tomorrow, then clear skies for a week past that. At the same time, the surf is predicted to pick up and hold for a while, so we are going to call for a mat meet.

Time: Saturday, January 13, dawn patrol.

Place: Campus Point, Goleta, California (UC Santa Barbara)

Campus is a friendly mat wave that works on various tides. For us, it’s got a variety of camera angles and comfortable viewing on the beach. We think it will be best early in the day while the tide is high. As it drains out, the surf might slow down, or if there’s solid juice, it could start to rifle. So, get there as early as possible. The idea of 15 or 20 mat riders out there together could be really good fun.

UCSB parking is restricted to permit holders. If you get there first, there are some public spaces with meters, but otherwise we suggest parking in the large lots at Goleta Beach Park, and walking in for 1/2 mile on the beach, and mindsurfing the waves. There are bathrooms, showers, and water fountains, but bring food to keep you going. We’ll bring some coffee, water, snacks, etc. as well.

Tim is bristling with great gear for filming from water and land. We will film surfing and interviews and a couple of funny skits during the day. If you have the energy and desire to spend the night and join us the next morning, we will be continuing on Sunday to gather shots for “The Dawn of Mat.” We need at least 10 extras in wetsuits to work on the parody of Stanley Kubrick’s famous Dawn of Man sequence in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Only instead of mysterious black monolith appearing in their midst, a mysterious black surf mat turns these groveling hunter-gatherers on to the innermost limits of pure fun!

So that’s the plan for next week — dawn patrol Saturday at Campus, more of the same on Sunday for those who can stay. Start making your plans.


Hey Paul,

I see you have Tim Ciasto visiting your shoreline, we had quiet a great time with him, and even scored some swell out at Gilligans and a few other places.

seen here filming in the water

after we had surfed this 

still missing this guy!

# ericwouldgo




Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there but I am awaiting the birth of my granddaughter.
I might skip this for the recreation of the monolith scene from history of the world pt. 1. Hahaha.
Good luck and I can't wait to see the movie!
More importantly, I hope you have fun making it!

Anonymous said...

Matting is serendipity.

Quiver said...

If you're planning to come up to the Santa Cruz and San Francisco area, I would like to help. Let us know!