Feb 1, 2018

From Anthony


Hi Paul,

We have been getting a ton of waves up in Santa Cruz.  Lucky for us we have many spots to mat at even with 6 ft tides. Rock View at the top of Pleasure Point has turned on this winter.  In the last month the rock bottom reef has been covered with about 3 ft of sand making it easy to get in and our during high tide, not to mention made the wall of the wave that much better.  On this day I was giving the Omni some love, attached are some action shots of me and the Omni. I found that I ride it with a bit less air pressure than the Lotus SS likes. I still have lots to learn and it is great that there are about 5 of us that mat together and try each other’s mats and fins and just geek out on the sport.

Question for you.  I like to Mat a few spots at night but dang that mats are so dark so if I become disconnected from the mat I’m afraid that it might get lost. Other than a glow stick attacked to the fill valve strap have you come up with some ideas how to keep the mat glowing or lit so you won’t lose it when it is dark?  I’m looking into a small beacon like a scuba diver would use, thinking one the size of a key chain might be the best.  Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

Thanks for your cool mats, it has made everyday fun again.



tuskedbeast said...

Great question, curious what responses you receive.

I've lost my mat in the dark a few times, and just been lucky. Even in the day it can be hard to spot a mat, against black rocks or even just the blue ocean; I've often wished it was possible to have a bright orange mat!

I'd be super hesitant to have anything glowing or lit in the water for what seems like an obvious reason here in N CA :)

Writing your name and contact information on the mat is as far as I'd go.


Anonymous said...

Try a search on Gurgle for "waterproof keychain bike light"
I liked the choices on that result.

Also, photos of fun at a spot I know is both exciting and frustrating, being stuck at a desk. Only 30 more years until retirement!

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwwww! Thanks for sharing the Stoke! I’ve been keeping track of your Adventures on Instagram. There is no shortage of Stoke in your Crew Anthony! Keep the Froth Flowin!

Unknown said...

thanks guys for the ideas!