Feb 5, 2018

Dirk Brandts


It was around this time of year, in 2012, that I grabbed these frames from the beach cam in Goleta.

I was drooling over the enticing surf that was an unobtainable 2 hours away, when I noticed a mat rider taking off on a wave. You used to be able to capture frames in real time on this cam, so I clicked off 3 images as the ride progressed.

The rider turned out to be Santa Barbara mat legend Dirk Brandts, and as you can see from the pics, he has this spot Wired with a capital W.

As I recall, he was riding an early Omni prototype.

Anyway, as cryptic as these shots are, they really resonate with me...a great ride on a super-fun wave!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bottom shot...