Feb 25, 2018

SCUMM Chronicles, Chapter 4837


Howdy Paul

Hope all is well mate, had my 9 day fortnight , RDO, last Friday and scored a few waves over that 3 day period.

Friday provide some nice waves, with myself riding sole first up in the morning, checking out a few places before heading further south and scoring some nice little waves all to myself.

After a fun surf and refuel with food and coffee, I headed back north to pick up Neal and check out another break, with Paul joining us later that afternoon as well.


The next morning , Saturday, we all regrouped for a session and I decided to sit this one out and film, the direction was not was forecast but they score some fun waves none the less.

Sunday the swell was big, the cyclone was pushing some decent waves down the coast from Queensland, and I ran out in the dark, with 3 other guys out there before me. I caught my first wave thru to the inside only to witness at least 30 guys in a pack paddling out, but still caught a few bombs to satisfy my thirst for big mat waves.

Saturday Morning SCUMM RISE.  Love my Lotus SS, my go too mat for all round maximum FUN!


Yesterday's SCUMM fun in the rain...

Anyways, Enjoy the Froth and may the Force be with You!


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Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeewwwwwww! These videos always get me primed to slide Adam! Frothin on the Scumm Adventures!