Feb 8, 2018

Straight Outta SCUMMton !!!

With legal bills piling up due to his involvement with the now debunked Alt-Surf Society, and a natural gift for spinning yarns as if he were the love child of Henny Youngman and Phyllis Diller, Neal Cameron took the next logical step and fired up his own comedy club in the town of The Moment, Australia -- whose desperate motto is, "Live In The Moment...Please!"

It's no surprise that the SCUMM Comedy Club has struggled to stay afloat. The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun has been playing across the street to sold out crowds every night since 1970, and Philthy's Diner kills off the remaining townfolk with it's wretched food.  So, Neal jumped at the chance for an easy payday, and taped a TV special he calls, "Straight Outta SCUMMton!

Dancing with grace between adolescent toilet jokes and revolting cultural stereotypes, Neal's humor has charmed anyone able to sit through one of his legendary, 7 hour "Iron Bladder" sets on stage. Now, his unique brand of comedy is available on VHS tape at your nearest surviving Blockbuster outlet...and here on Surfmatters!


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I make a mad bacon & egg roll and coffee in the Diner. Cappacino, flat white x2, short black with smegma on top. Scumm breakfast of champions.