Feb 6, 2018

The Collusion Dogs Bark Back !!!

 The Bald Headed Colluding ASS, shown here in his natural habitat...

На здоровье!

Secret memo to SCUMM:

Pass the Russian Potato Salad, this Bear's got to Eat !!!

Oh, and Handle my Vodka shots, ASS has got me on another plane of existence!!!

What I can confirm is this: ASS is here to stay! When you think ASS, you will smile! If Spreading Stoke is a crime -- and it should be -- then ASS is guilty as charged ������!

ASS is a water tight group of wave riders, hell bent on Spreading Stoke across the planet!

ASS bylaws...

1.  Absolutely no Grouper Faces. Positive Vibes Only
2.  Love over Fear
3.  Look out for Everyone in the Lineup
4.  Spread Stoke Like Fire
5.  Wash Away Misery With Joy
6.  Approach All Facets of Life With Passion
7.  Choose Happiness Everyday
8.  Be the Change you want to see in the World
9.  Get As Many Surfs In As You Can
10. Live In The Moment

All wave riding disciplines are welcome, but bylaws must be met! We are about Spreading Stoke and Changing Lives, everything we do as individuals makes a difference! Joy is the road less traveled these days, ASS is going to change all that!

P.S.  Don’t try to put the squeeze on ASS, you will only get smiles! 

You must be invited into this organization. It cannot be penetrated otherwise!

Dos Vendya, Mates!



 Hey Paul, 

Well it took a while, but you finally worked out our little gambit!

As you may remember, we SCUMM first infiltrated into the realm of 4GF using a double agent in the disguise of a mat surfing, kneeboard riding waterman...none other than Eric ‘Matman’ Bridges ('RIP'), after he sourced and obtained a 4GF Vespa Round Tail, me thinks. Hard to recall, as he had such a quiver. His dedication to the 4GF was unbreakable, it was Matman who converted the SCUMM to the 4GF.  It was he that was sending in sneaky blog posts to you about his adventures on his 4GF’s.

A couple of years ago, we released to the world our intentions to invade (via print, hand drawn by Tom Backer,) in the form of tee shirts and stickers.

 Declaration of Invasion, SCUMM style!

It is not to conquer, but establish our passion of piloting the 4GF in the many varied conditions we have on hand in our back yard. Its testament to you and your team that the surfmats you produce are tried tested and enjoyed on some very challenging-exciting-exhilarating surf conditions we are so lucky to experience.

Oh yeah nearly forgot, we had some waves at an angry point break on the weekend. A frequent spot of ours. Adam really put his 4GF to the limits. Both Philthy and Adam got it on film...


Stay safe, happy and healthy mate.






Unknown said...

Loving the ASS bylaws. They should be universally adopted by all.

Paul Gross said...

I love the shot of the 3 guys on the point ready to paddle out at dawn...three guys, four cameras.

Classic SCUMM overkill !!!