Mar 23, 2018

Flat Spell Thoughts From Rob


The thing about mat surfing as you all know, is your Feeling your way through the wave. You're dancing with the wave, but you're not leading. Without the weight of the foam and the drag provided by Fins, your able to Experience the full Raw Power and Potential of the waves Energy! You can’t force or muscle anything. It’s when you finally let go, and let the mat search out its own lines that you realize your riding the wave exactly how the wave wants you to ride it, and the mat reaches speeds you didn’t think possible. 
I feel every ounce of the waves Energy under me as the mat comes Alive and Sings! I can feel the Energy flowing through my body! I feel like that Energy from across the Ocean transfers itself into me with every wave, keeping me Young and Joyful! I’m surrounded by the Ocean in the time between waves, being hugged by Mother Nature!
I’ve gotten in and out Barrels in 2.5’ surf! What other craft can provide that, and roll up to fit in your carry-on bag? This is the Gentle Art of Surfing. Much like Jiu Jitsu it has been misunderstood. When you watch mat surfing there doesn’t look like there is much going on, but mat surfers are rolling hips, leaning heads, and squeezing corners and that’s just your front half. We have to listen to the Wave, and the Mat, Feeling our way through sections. People just haven’t been exposed to the Experience or many good riders so when they see a mat they think it’s a Toy. You can change the Planet with the kind of Vibes and mat gives you! I totally Believe that! We need more People in Love with the Ocean, and the Planet right now. Mats can do that, and there are plenty of unridden waves they can be surfed on! 

I will say this. I wouldn’t be doing this if it was easy. I enjoy a physical challenge and this craft provides that. I was looking for everything mats provide. I went from 215 to 165lbs.

Yeeeewwwwwww! I’m Stoked and Frothin just from writing about Mat Surfing!

Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love from Florida!

Super Stoked,


harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

This is so good

Paul Gross said...

Rob is a mat surfing treasure...

KingWaka said...

The Force is Strong in Rob....

Rob Pollard said...

Thank you for the kind words 4GF Family. I only hope to Represent 4GF and Mat Surfing in a way that Honors what they have done for my Life. All of you have Inspired and Helped me along the way in this Journey to becoming a Surfer! I can’t thank each and every one of you enough. All the insight, adventures, and tips on Surfmatters have really been helpful and mean a lot! The Force is Strong in all of US.... Yeeeeewwwwww!