Apr 17, 2018

From Oily

G’day Paul , hope this finds you happy and healthy..

I've always believed in the the saying ‘work to live' not 'live to work'.. haha  and lately I’ve been unbalanced so I went seeking some  advise from SCUMM Guru aka  Neal Cameron. His advise was for me to get at one with the ocean ASAP. I quick perusal out the office window and its decided a ‘Mental Health Day’ is needed. 

With the forecasted swell and wind we headed for a lonely offshore bombora we frequent and arrived to see we were it , ding ding round 1,  after a couple hours going wave for wave and sharing many with Neal  it was decided that coffee/food was deemed to be required before we ventured elsewhere for round 2..Gilligans..  Well anyways here is a short video of the “Mental Health Day ‘ out.

Take care mate, stay safe and happy.

SCUMM and proud of it.

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Paul Gross said...

I love the juxtaposition of "Mental Health" and "Neal Cameron" in the same image...