Apr 5, 2018

From Team Pendarvis

Hi Paul,

Here are are a couple of photos of me riding my Omni RT, taken by Sarah Lee and Axxe Classic wetsuits. I did an artist collaboration with Axxe, and they’ve been sharing photos. When a pic comes up with me on my Omni, I always tag #4thgearflyer !

I would title the surfing photos, “Pure Joy!”

Let us dance with the waves, wild and free. Joyful ... Thankful.  xoxo

We hope you enjoy the photos.

Paul, thanks for bringing us so much joy with your 4th Gear Flyer mats!

Warmest Aloha,



tuskedbeast said...

Look at her expressions! There's your "unquantifiable joy" :)

cherlita said...

Aloha @tuskedbeast, Thank you so much! Warmest Aloha to you and yours!

Justin Kraft said...

Awesome pics. These mats are the coolest surf vehicles.

KingWaka said...

Stokalicious Frothing

Robert Pollard said...

Yeeeewwww! Beautiful Shots! The Omni is becoming one of my favorite mats. That mat handles anything from Dribblers to Drainers and surfs them all well! Keep Spreading the Stoke!

cherlita said...

Aloha @Justin Kraft. Thank you. The photos are the artistry of the very kind and talented Sarah Lee. We were fortunate to have a fun swell that day! Aloha to you and yours! :)

cherlita said...

Aloha @KingWaka Thank you. All smiles here on our 4GFs! :) Aloha to you and yours!

cherlita said...

Aloha @Robert Pollard, thank you. Sarah Lee is a wonderful water photographer, and great lady. Speaking of the Omni, so true!
The swell was 3-5 feet and rolling the day these pictures were taken. This last week, my Omni RT handled minus low tide drainers, exciting and fast! All smiles here! Aloha to you and yours! :)