Apr 15, 2018

More Fake News From SCUMM

Hi Paul

All the best with your rehab & rest! My Achilles came good by Monday, just in time for work, so no surfing for me last week.

I have had to work my RDO & Saturday, so was up and early for a possible surf and sunrise, well with the wind howling offshore all night, the surf was flat, but the sunrise was just awesome!

That's me running around, throwing sand & shakas!

New Artwork from Southern California, via artist Tom Backer, arrived in the post this week as well !

Tom is a good friend and has visited back here in 2011.

This is some vision from a few weeks back, I set up my I Phone to record time lapse of the sunrise, then my canon 70D , set on a mono pole to record, as well as the usual, POV , from my helmet.
It was only small surf, but fun enough and we were joined by Neal, Paul and Anislie ( on the boogie board).

We had this for over 3 hours , with just us SCUMM riding mats, the adjacent reef had guys come and go, and they left us boys alone with many thanks! I threw 2 of my Lotus at Paul and Phil and took a Standard out initially , swapping back with Phil mid surf. My favorite mat to Ride? the Lotus! I find I have to ride further forward with my chest, but such a excellent mat to ride, Power to the Lotus!!!



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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed all the videos and pictures! It is a tremendous amount of footage and must be fun to go through after the sessions and relive good memories of well deserved SCUMMiness!