Jul 26, 2018

From Crowe

Hey Paul!

Here is some footage of myself riding the Vespa Roundtail. I will hopefully update you with footage of how the Vespa and my standard perform in a range of conditions. 

I recently scored 4 foot Winkipop on my standard. The speed was unparalleled as I sat high on the pocket over the energy source.  

I hope you enjoy. The clip was filmed and edited by Joshua Simpson (surf Cassette CEO).

Thanks for the joy!



speedshaper said...

Can that footage be put up on YouTube? It's inspiring! I want to have that link in my computer.

Unknown said...

Very nice. Thanks.

Rob Pollard said...

Yeeeeewwww! Rippin! Frothin on those Slides! Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Dan said...

Great stuff