Dec 12, 2018

From The Philandering Mr. Gromadzki

Hi Paul,

My wife has gone OS for awhile so, the 4GFs have been moved into a room of their own...hope the neighbours don't start talking.😎


Dec 3, 2018

From Mr. Hughes

An SD friend, Wolvie, sent me this, though I believe it was taken by someone else.  Wolvie asked if it was me.  Nope, wasn’t me.  Wasn’t Jim. Wasn’t PG.  Who could it be?  I’m also wondering if someone Photoshopped this.  Where are all the people?  And why isn’t someone poised to shoulder hop?

It’s all so mysterious.  



Mystery solved:  Aaron Foster is the rider, out with two other matters. Friday, November 30.