Jun 21, 2019

From Benoit

Hello Paul,

I ordered a 4th Gear flyer's Omni surfmat last year, just wanted to write down a little feedback.

First, I think I might be the only guy using a surf mat in France SW coast, I have never seen any other mat in the water here. And it is a shame, since it is such a great surfcraft !

It took me a few sessions to get used to the mat dimensions and to find the right degree of inflatation (looow) but now it is 100% fun. It is fast, it is safe, I can "charge" waves that I wouldn't dare to charge on a paipo, I can slot myself into some fun micro barrels....

Here is a video of my latest session, a little shaky cause the gopro was attached to my hand, but I guarantee the rides were smooth :)

Thanks again for making these mats,



Anonymous said...

No your are not alone, i’m Out there in anglet some time and I see some other people
Vincent (from Bayonne)

tuskedbeast said...

Nice mat video! You captured the fast glide and especially some of the unique quiet hissing sound we hear when riding. Keep 'em coming!

Benoit said...

@Vincent, good to hear that other french matters exist ;)
I live in Bordeaux so I surf near Lacanau and Biscarrosse mostly, occasionnaly I surf in your area, hopefully I will see you in the water !

@tuskedbeast thanks man, indeed the sounds are very strange when riding a mat, they are really part of the experience I think

Paul Gross said...

I wear a hoodie most of the year here in Central California due to the wind and cold. In the late summer I can surf without one, and I'm always surprised how "loud" riding a mat is...in a good way.