Jul 31, 2019

Schaudenfreude Of The Day

A wave pool in China goes on the blink!

"According to reports, a malfunction at a wave pool in China caused a freak wave to injure 44 people.

The accident occurred at the Shuiyun Water Park in Jilin Province, in north-eastern China. It’s a part of something called the Yulong Bay Scenic Area, which opened in 2015. Also included in the park is a glass-bottom bridge, a theme park, and horseback riding tours.

The park’s official statement is at odds with the tally of injuries being reported. “It was caused by a mechanical fault,” said a park official. “Only around 10 people were injured. “The wave pool was closed for a day for repairs. It’s already been fixed and will be open tomorrow.”

According to the South China Morning Post, five people were sent to the hospital for a variety of injuries, included fractured ribs."

No word yet if someone is for hacking into the computer operating system...but if so, my money is on the SCUMM gang as the perps!


Speedshaper said...

1) It is actually named "the TSUNAMI wave pool"! ---so there, Kooks, take that!
2) Definitely work of the notorious SCUMM hackers---And if you didn't know, Paul, for a boatload of Rubles SCUMM managed to get one of your recent "US only" sale mats to Vladimir, despite your encrypted firewalls. (Yes, they know there are dozens!)
3) Now we know how they finance their debauched morning go-outs: by bribing the crowds to go elsewhere, the surf prediction services to show pirated live videos of North Morro Bay wind slop and pay former Soviet shock troops to patrol all the access trails.
I'd say they're The Embodiment of Surf Evil---unless they let me share the line-up with them. Then it's just "A Good Business Strategy".

Paul Gross said...

The SCUMM gang -- Adam more specifically -- have spearheaded the technological development of "Artificial Stupidity."

Basically, what they did was download the Australian national IQ into software, then converted it to a virus that infects anyone's device which opens a mat surfing web page.

Needless to say, none of us here at 4GF even noticed the hack...as the plunge in IQ actually netted a slight gain on our end...

PVC's Blog said...

Be affraid..expect it when you least expect it..... We SCUMMbags are watching. listening and laughing...