Aug 26, 2019

From Bob

Mat Man Incident Report - 
I was waiting between waves north of Morro Rock this morning with my friend Jody Mulgrew (aka Mat Man 2.0) when a surfer near us said, "Here they come!" The next thing we knew, a dozen dolphins swam swiftly straight at us, passing on both sides. It is one thing to see dolphins from the beach and an entirely different experience to be surrounded by them. Up close, they are very large, very strong, very fast and in total control. The experience will not be forgotten.  


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Speedshaper said...

Surfing off of Oceano alone on my birthday in early December. Early morning with fog where it was difficult to see the beach. A pod of about a dozen swam by, then stopped, then circled me! First thought: "Cool, what a birthday gift!" Second thought: " Wow, those are BIG animals." Third thought: "They are also between me and the beach!!"