Apr 29, 2020

From Oily


Hey PG, 

Hope this finds you and yours all happy ( as much as you can be in isolation) and healthy.  Been some tough times over our ways this year so far particularly  in our little hamilet on the South Coast NSW,  first we had the fires over the summer that devastated so many areas and communities around here over the holiday season then we had some floods happening and now  its been several weeks since we had the freedom of doing what we want when we want replaced with the current virus crisis worldwide. It has  its good and bad points i suppose as you know where us SCUMMbags reside down here and with the fires and now the travel bans and  social distancing and isolation rules ( not lockdown ha) it has kept the city dwellers and non locals out of our breaks  for the first quarter of 2020 well the majority of them anyways still the odd outa towner.. We are still managing some slide time under the banner of daily exercise. The Autumn (Fall) weather has been kind with some glorious mornings enjoyed around our local stomping ground.

Philfee Phil Harper celebrated a Birthday the other Saturday so we through him a wave party at one of our regular breaks Flatties nice fun early morning slide then a wander up the beach to another sneaky bommie we knew was working for some low tide right handers was a great morning indeed.  The swell was forecasted to jack up overnight with Sunday morning proving to be a bit more of a challenge at Flatties but hey Paul you know us we SCUMMbags love a challenge. Here are a couple of short videos  of the weekends fun and mayhem we hope you enjoy seeing your craft being put through its paces SCUMM style.


Take care my friend 


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