May 21, 2020

SCUMM Rises From The Ashes

Hey PG,

Hope your well mate and hanging in there amongst the madness of the year so far..

Well with the forecast looking good and the slight relaxation of some travel and social gathering rules we SCUMMbags decided to head a little south to one of our fav rights a point break.  We hadn’t been down since just after the fires ripped through there early February,  we hit it about 20 mins before sunrise all to ourselves for a short while then we had to put up with another two in the line up one of the two being a local kneelo we have gotten to know over the years and one other a another kneelo so the vibe was good..  anyways said Gday to Keith the kneelo  and the first thing he says is ….. where you guys been? its has been noticed that you guys haven’t been here in a while.. haha..

Heres a quick video, I went for the slomo option as  you get to see a lot more of how we all wrangle our craft differently.. again they were put through the abuse cycle that is that right hander and again the 4thgearflyers lived up to the challenge check for Adams early sinus cleanse first wave.. yehaaa and of curse there was lots of sympathy from Neal and I      ..not.

Take care friend..


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