Mar 19, 2018

From Adam


Howdy & Greetings from Oz

Well with our winter months quickly approaching , with what finally seemes to have passed our Summer Blues of Small Wave Slop and entered a great period of powerful ground/ cyclone swells, so many great waves of late, with Gilligans being our premier mat wave spot, delivering the goods to us crew from SCUMM.

Even this morning I rode waves that would rival the winter of 2015, but thats another post down the track, and this is about last Saturday week, with just Paul (Oil)  and myself hitting it before first light ( 2 others beat us out there) We were both riding Lotus's , which I find my favorite mat to speed on.

One thing I would like to mention is the real  importance of using your legs, flippers and body position in riding larger waves , as we spoke before about the type of wave that I like surfing with mats , I also find my legs are my main rudder / accelerator / stabilizer , so when entering a fuller section, I tend to lay my legs down more flat, giving my mat a reverse tail rocker in sense, and giving it the extra little acceleration to help it enter the next section, and so when flying flat stick down the line , I tend to have my inside leg down, holding my line, with the outside flipper up , and if your feel the moment is right, lift both flippers up, this again will push your knees down , and help create the reverse tail rocker to really hit 4th gear !

If your confident enough, drop your inside shoulder down flat, with your arm behind your back or both arms, giving you the full birdman look as you are streaking across the face, for a full tilt speed run! Just a little tap with your outside flipper ( check the 2.57 minute mark in this video) can help correct your line and your tail from drifting out slightly, I dont know how many times I have down this over the past few years, with the best one I had to actually tap my outside flipper over my inside leg, and correct my line otherwise I was going from edge riding one pontoon to a full face turtle roll.

The main thing is to have fun, don't matter how you ride, hold your mat, or the waves you ride, just enjoy the ocean and the joy it brings!

The next morning ( Sunday)The Cushion Club

A nice flat battery in my van led to latter start to the day , so by the time I caught up with Neal , the tide has filled in, the swell had dropped and there was a fun but friendly crew of boys and girls out in the line up. So after the larger, down the line waves we had the previous day, it was fun to just relax and chill, and enjoy the banter and laughter from those bratty girls who named us the Cushion Club ! I was sitting out the back when I heard all the girls squealing and screaming , with a large pod of dolphins bouncing the thru the lineup, much to the delight of everyone.

The last time I had this happen was a few years back and I was surfing with Eric and Ric the kneeelo, we were surfing way out the front of the Island and Eric had just caught a bomb thru to the inside when I heard him yell out ' here they come' with the biggest pod of dolphins I have witness every, came marching thru the lineup.

Mar 18, 2018

From Rob


I’m up early, eager to slide, but it looks like the Atlantic needs a break. Who could blame her? She’s been very good to surfers this year!

Above are some pictures of my new Liquid Eye water housing for the Sony a6000. It’s from Indonesia with Love 😁! This little Gem is going to capture a lot of Joy! I went with the lightest most functional body I could find, and I am extremely happy with the build quality. 

Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love!

Super Stoked,

From Adam

Howdy Paul,

 Had another RDO yesterday and caught up with Neal and Paul before going to the dentist to have a couple of teeth pulled out. The break was basically flat with a massive high tide and not one person out, but we could see swell on the horizon marching past, and every now and then a wave would break, so being my day off , pre dentist visit , I jumped in for a couple of small waves and on my return a hour later, I could see that the tide was dropping and waves were breaking nicely , so out with my camera to film the boys , and as they told me later, there was a real spike in the swell 30 minutes before I got back , but as always so did the crowd grow as the waves rolled in!



Mar 14, 2018

From Jonathan

Hello Paul,

Get ready for some serious "stripes down" surf mat action!

WTH? Laughing

Take care,


Mar 10, 2018

SCUMMbag and Proud

Hey Paul, hope you and the Clan are happy and healthy...

Well, I took one of the Lotus SS mats for a blast at one of our premier mat waves in our area
Gilligans'. Our fav mat wave was working, well and we SCUMMbags hit it before the sun was up..

I inflated the Lotus to what i though was the same as i would the Omni and noticed immediately as soon as i mounted it.. that there was more mat in different places and less in others.. for me it felt there was more support on my upper thigh than the Omni and that my elbows were tucked more into my sides.. I note that the Lotus is slightly longer and a little off the width of the Omni, but surprised as to the change in feel on the mat.
Ok as for wave riding .. woohoo  what a blast,  we picked a great morning to let me try it out.. The mat was fast, faster than the Omni.. id say.  Mmm  thats a hard one..  I did make comment to the lads that after talking off on a bomb set and hitting 4th gear doing a big roundhouse back to bounce of the foam ball and line up again i felt as that id never been so far out on the wall before .. even the Guru said that i was honking down the line  i did do some fully sideways slides and managed to control it and continue.. 
Gilligan’s had turned it on early for us and as the tide fell the waves were few and far between and the crowd was swelling.. we had had nearly 3 hrs and needed coffee and food.
Cheers Oily…

SCUMMBag and proud.

Mar 9, 2018

Still Rob, Still Stoked


Here are a couple of mats pics that filtered into me from Chris Falzone. I shot him with his camera and housing. Not many because he had to grab his board, I don’t blame him :)! I should have a couple more coming from the first day that my buddy Chris Shultz took. What an amazing swell it’s been!

Super Stoked,

Mar 7, 2018

From Rob


Hi Paul,

I went to the Plaza tonight after work on the Standard. It was pretty crowded, but I sat way outside by myself, and only took bomb sets. Lots of hoots and nobody jumped the shoulder (I hooted at two guys off on the first wave in flight) after I surfed the first wave. It was a blast! People never see it coming 😃.

Here are a few pictures from our bodysurfing session yesterday. Chris took most of the shots but I used his housing and camera on a couple. Mat Surfing pictures should filter in to me through the week. These where Marks handplanes. He just started a brand, Stoked Handplanes. He brought demos out for us to try.

This was my second dedicated bodysurfing session. I feel like it complements my mat surfing, and is making me a more complete waterman, but mats are, and always will be, my first Love! I’ve been sort of stressing about this since Chris sent the pictures and Mark went crazy over them.


From Bob

Hi Paul

I have no way to confirm this, but that sure looks like a yellow mat being clutched by the kid in the middle of the puddle.  This is the street I grew up on in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The spring thaw sent freezing water between the houses into the street.  I'm in the puddle with my brother.  

Little did I know that in a couple of years my aeronautical engineer dad would move us all to Redondo Beach where the aerospace action was in the late '50s.  The rest is history.  

Going to get wet today at Pismo or Shell.


Mar 6, 2018

From Jonathan

Provide your own caption in the comments section...


Mar 5, 2018

Monday Morning Update From Rob


The air temps dropped here with the storm. It’s in the 40’s but should reach 68 today. The water cooled down a little again too but a 3/2 and some 2mm socks is all you need to be comfortable for a couple hours! 
After I get this housing I’m saving for a trip out there to meet you and Gloria, and surf some points. It’s looking more like a Summer trip.

This is a picture my buddy Chris Shultz (another Chris) sent me a few minutes ago from the Poles. The swell is here! I’ll be on it today and tomorrow. Nervous 😃! I know the guy on the wave Ross and he’s 6 feet tall.

Yeeeewwwww! I’m fueling up and drinking water. Gonna try to get some footage if the paddle is manageable! 

Any tips on Barrel riding big powerful waves?    

Super Stoked,

Mar 4, 2018

Latest From Rob


First I want to say the people that are in the path of winter storm Riley are in my Prayers, and I’m sending them Positive Vibes and Healing Energy!

I decided not to drive south for the swell because the wind will only be favorable in a few locations during the biggest part of the swell. Crowds for waves like that don’t sound like my Cup of Tea. I’m staying here and playing it by ear.

We surfed yesterday and the wind wasn’t that bad but the paddle was a bitch! Long hard paddle outside during low tide, drifting South on the inside like a river, with a slow drift North on the outside. Fun session but challenging!

A sequence of my bouncing down the line trying not to smile 😃! 👇🏼

I'm taking a day off to see what tomorrow brings. I'm a little beat up after multiple long paddles, and a couple of proper beatings on the inside, but damn was that fun! I was riding the Lotus SS!

Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love from Florida 🤙🏼!

Super Stoked,

Mar 2, 2018

Adam And Oily

Howdy Paul

Another 😉 early morning raid with just Paul and myself, the moon was still beaming down thru the treeline as I paddled out , fun little peelers on the lower tide.

Caught a few for  #ericwouldgo , then a yummie breakfast and coffee!

The Lotus is still my favorite for the smaller dayz, with the Standard more of my bigger wave raft! 
I think the Standard has that more stable feel, but then again it all changes on the wave type we are riding, eg reef, point or beachie , and also how good the pilot is contributes greatly to the performance of the mat itself.
Me? I love all types of surf craft and it keeps my mind fresh and open to anything , riding mats are my favorite in 3/4 face (big) long wall waves, not so much about tube riding, but about ' surfing ' the wave with style and flow, where as I love riding my knees, paipo and hand planes in sucky, barrel  and tubey type waves! 
We are blessed here where we live, have some of the best waves on the NSW coastline, so many different setups , but its all so changing, the past 2 years, everyone is heading down this way, so way more people floating around.

Stay Well my Friend

May the Froth be with You