Jan 22, 2018

SoCal/NoCal Reports

First off, LA's own Surfsister, who manages the burgeoning 4GF Instagram page, has pushed our followership to over 2000 as of this morning! Not the 133 million or so that the likes of Selena Gomez command, but pretty impressive nonetheless. Well done!


And up north in Santa Cruz, "Uncle Steiny" filed this report about the weekend's surf action...

"The Santa Cruz report: great waves! Perfect mat waves. Horrific crowd. Intermediate aggressive longboarders. Got three nuggets including one perfect mid sized wave that kept opening up all the way to the statue. Alas, I blew a set wave but such things happen. Especially to me! :) There was another matter out. A log/glider kid who is just starting to mat. He was on a fatty. And a 3/4 grown elephant seal. Scared the shit out of everyone. Hope you found an edge or corner to work. Loved the women’s mat march post."

Jan 21, 2018

Weekend Of The Woman

OK, this is going to start off somewhat political, but it'll eventually veer in the direction of mat surfing, or something close to it. So, bear with me...


As you know, this weekend was the one year anniversary of that guy (who may or may not be qualified) taking on the most important job in the world...one that has the potential to turn our planet into toast. The ultimate outcome of this grand political experiment is unknown at this point, and there are any number of perspectives as to what the outcome might be...

That said, millions of women are taking the opportunity this weekend to gather publicly, and present their political positions. (I'll refrain from providing links to the multitude of media coverage...you can find them easily yourself if you're interested.)

The web site "Open Culture" ran a fantastic post a couple of days ago related to the vaunted roles women have historically played in human culture. It's so trippy and engaging, it elevates even a hardcore feminist's appreciation of women...

These images are derived from a website called "24 Free Goddess GIFs."

So what does all this have to do with mat surfing?

Well, for starters, mat surfing is robustly "not masculine." Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, mat surfing has a way of neutralizing those ultimately minor distinctions, and boils us down to what who we really are as individuals. Mats have capacity to wed us to the ocean in a manner that cuts to the bone of our soul. Very few activities have that power. Certainly not mainstream board surfing. Even the best women board surfers are stuffed into a masculine mold by the media and contest structure.

And don't get me started on body types. No form of wave riding is more non-judgemental of our height and weight and shape than mat surfing. Both in terms of our visual appearance, or how it feels to us.

The GIF images of ancient female figures dancing seem so wonderfully varied, fluid and natural, I couldn't help but think of mat surfing when I first saw them.

So, let's take this opportunity to look at some of the great shots of women matters of all ages, shapes and sizes that we have in our files!