Oct 24, 2020

Foreign Shipping Suspended for 4GF


Sorry Vlad, no more mats for you...


Sad news...4gf will no longer be shipping mats out of the USA. 

Our postal service will no longer track packages once they leave the States, nor will they offer insurance on parcels. We've already lost a number of foreign shipments in the past year due to poor tracking, so this latest developement is the straw that broke the camel's back.

Of course, there are other alternatives for foreign shipping. While we spend between $60 and $70 to ship a mat overseas with the US Postal Service, shipping services such as DHL and Fed Ex are approaching $200 for the same package.

So, for the time being, we will will only ship within the US. If the situation changes, we'll let you know.


Paul and Gloria

Oct 22, 2020

From Tusked Beast


Very interesting bit at 8:30 about a neurological "aspect of lateral acceleration that makes us feel good" pertinent to surfing, but the rest of the piece is thought-provoking too eg., some insights into assholism....

Hope you're well. After a queasy summer of smoke, heat and dull surf that did nothing to distract, here in SF we've had a nice run of clean air, offshore/glass and good small surf. I've found a lot of soul-healing on the Lotus... for which it seems appropriate to send you namaste.

Hang in there....




Oct 15, 2020

From Dennis


 Hey Paul,

Got the new vespa roundtail yesterday-been out twice in mushy sub-par surf and have had a lot of fun.  (much more than I would have had on one of my surfboards). It catches waves easily and despite its size,it is very quick to respond to input.  I have a lot to learn, and am having fun with the process.  
Thanks again-


Oct 5, 2020

From Warren

 Just add fins!



Oct 4, 2020


Hi Paul!

Hope you’re well. I just ordered a Standard model mat. Stoked to try it out, I’ve been riding the Tracker Roundtail for a few years  now.

Roundtail offshore day shifting into 4th gear

@fulltoilet on Instagram

Thanks again,

Oct 2, 2020

From KP



 Hey Paul,

 Malloy girls having fun. 

 Hope you guys are Safe and Good .

Oct 1, 2020

From Frankie D

 Hello Paul, 

Mate thank you once again for another splendid job , the Lotus is precisely what I had envisioned. 

Ella spilt the beans a few weeks back, that she had ordered the mat for me. Hahaha it blew me away, I told her to not spend money on me , to save her money as she’s only 17. However I was wrapt none the less because it was a lovely gesture. 

It’s funny because I was about to get on to you about 3 weeks ago after our last conversation. I got a larger than expected tax bill in and was going to message you to put the mat on hold for a bit. Thanks for putting the mat together for Ella and myself, your a good man Paul. I absolutely love the look and feel of it and am chomping at the bit to christen it. Take care mate thanks again. 


Sep 28, 2020

From Bryce


Hi Paul, I hope you are doing well. 

Last winter Regi came to visit me in Barbados when my research ship pulled in there and brought the mats. I shot a couple rolls of film and just got done processing it. This was the first time Regi ever had ridden a mat! You can see the pure joy in her face, so cool.

She LOVES the custom mat you made her. She is primarily on the 4GF now and rides her surfboards only when the crowds and conditions all come together perfectly. She says that riding a mat just is way more fun! Anyways, I thought you would appreciate these.

Your friend, 


From Stephane


Hello Paul

I just purchased a tracker surfmat.

I have tried several surfmats in the 15 years that I have been practicing, I must say that my standard model, bought a few years ago is by far my favorite ! (perfect for my sons too !) the upper fabric has a super grip!

Thank you for this good job


Sep 21, 2020

From Surf Sister


My friend Adele finally got the bug. 🙂

Sep 20, 2020

From Mark


My friend Candra, got hooked on matting with me in Summerland, ca these last few weeks... she should placing an order with you soon!!! 


cheers 🍻 mark

Sep 13, 2020

From Jonathan


Hi Paul,
The only surfing I've been doing this smokey summer has been in my head. 
I transcribed a hand-written letter I sent you in 2015 when I was traveling in New Zealand, which you printed here in all it's chicken-scratch illegibility. I thought you might like to offer it again in a readable form, with a photo that matches the day, and a photo/link to the man I was writing about, who's well worth knowing a little more about. 
Since the Surfer article was written, Phil has sold his eco-retreat (with prescient timing), and is devoting himself full time to environmental activism for our oceans. A good man. He even kept up with mat surfing, after this audacious introduction....

  Indicator walls ...


Hi Paul,

How are you? Hope my writing is legible. No spellcheck either! The facade of literacy is stripped away.

It’s beautiful here, everything I’d hoped for. I’m living in a little Schack (my name for it). No electricity, propane stove, wind whistling through the cracks… no city hum, no mobile reception, just birds, wind, occasional distant “moos” and sheep bleats. Already without internet I see my reading attention span returning- so stoked! Going to sleep at sundown & getting up at sunrise(ish).

The first week I was travelling with a friend-of-a-friend I just met, doing tourist stuff, de-emphasizing surfing for her sake. Hard though- the weekend we got here, the swell was pumping. I did manage a mat surf though, on the second morning, which prompts this letter. Not a report though- an anecdote….

A knock on our room’s door. It’s Phil, owner of Solscape, a thriving eco-retreat here in Raglan and an old friend. Phil began surfing as an adult a few decades ago, and has become quite a charger, blessed to learn in such a consistent, quality wave zone. He’s pretty fearless, and a bit macho. And this day, for some reason, he’s asking if he can have a go at a mat. Whoa! He’s always taken the piss out of me (in a friendly way) about riding mats. Er- OK, sure Phil!

We check Manu Bay. It looks perfect for mats, but it’s crowded (it’s a Saturday). But Phil isn’t feeling it. He’s an Indicator’s guy- a much more challenging ride- bigger, longer, faster, more walled. Pretty hard on a mat!

And yes, it’s a LOT bigger! Sets are well overhead. And it’s high tide. The shore break is SLAMMING against the lava rocks, the current is intense, guys are paddling for their lives, and it ain’t clean or perfect at all- YIKES!

And that’s where Phil wants to have his first-ever mat surf.

Why didn’t I put the brakes on this stupidity? Partly trying to save face, partly trying to keep up with Phil (who has a history of “challenging” me this way), and maybe just a hint of wanting to “challenge” him back!

As we puffed up our mats and put on our fins, I dolefully recalled the part of your Rider’s Guide suggesting it’s be good to pick slightly larger surf for your first go-out, to benefit from having a little push (or however you put it)….

Anyway, there we were, looking at overhead walls from about 15’ above sea level. We jumped in at The Keyhole (the one safe in/out spot, as tiny as it sounds), and powered out. My heart was pounding, and I could see Phil was getting a vertical learning curve on navigating an inflatable. Considering what we had been watching from the shore, we got very lucky paddling out- a decent lull (that I had no faith would be repeated… and wasn’t!).

We were wide to the side of the takeoff zone, but as it turns out, in about the right spot for the biggest swing-wide bomb sets- maybe a bit too far in, actually! And sure enough, right when we caught our breath, a MONSTER set came through. Picture it: eight foot face, lime green, choppy sidecar opaque wall- zero taper, just a solid wall hundreds of yards long climaxing in those awful lava rocks! We paddled like mad, barely making it over the first one, even further back from the second one. It was huge! What the hell was I doing out here, and what about poor Phil? What had I gotten him into?

And here’s the third wave, already peeling from the top of the point, gobbling all paddlers and drop-in attempts 100 yards up the line. It’s feathering 50 feet in front of us… we might just make it over- just-

and… there’s Phil, turning around and going for it! I’ll never forget the look on his face- psychotic glee- and how huge that wave was, and how LATE it was- crumbling over him, just his face, arms and hands visible. I screamed a broken Gyuto Monk harmonic as I punched through, made it over the last wave, and turned to scan the inside…

He friggin’ made it!  He was down the line a fair bit, still had the thing, and was flip-floppin’ slowly back out.

Phil caught a few more waves that morning, and lost the mat for a good long time too- I should ask him about that…. I don’t know if he caught the bug (he was enjoying paddling up to his mates showing off, I think, what an absurd thing he was doing), but the fact that he tried it at all was something of a paradigm shift.

Anyways, more later. Hope all is well with you and Gloria.


Jonathan ... AKA Tusked Beast

Sep 2, 2020

From Geoffrey


 Aside from the snake-job at 1:00, pretty cool.  (Maybe they're friends???)

Aug 29, 2020

50th Anniversary of The Isle of Wight Music Festival

So what does the Isle of Wight Music Festival of 1970 have to do with surfmatting? Our man Kenny Hughes was there with another legend of alternative surfing, the late John Brockway!


                              Globetrotters Kenny and John in Central America, a few years later.


Using modern facial recognition software, we were able to pick the two, very young San Diegans out of the IOW crowd with a predicted 99.997% accuracy.

Aug 27, 2020

From Greg



It got a bit better, but my camera battery died.

Aug 23, 2020

From Lou


 Hey Paul ..

A good mate purchased this in '71 for $25..left under a bed at his mums house ,flat and coated in Talcum Powder..just pulled it out the other day,still in good nick..
Think Bob may have purchased a Flyer from you a couple of years ago for his wife..
Take it easy.😎

Aug 15, 2020

From Kevin


 From Kevin Mirsky. He’s a surfer/artist from Marin.