Jul 16, 2018

From Bretto

From Oily

Hey Paul,

Hope all you and your mob are happy and healthy.. we are happy healthy and cold.. but it doesn’t stop the stoke in SCUMMville Australia. I've put ‘Dabolt’ my Omni through some stress lately and its starting to show.. haha the repairs from previous abuse have been tried and tested and seem to be holding up a bit ... just..haha.

The patch has come adrift but the rubber seal has held well and i think it should go the distance. Got  a few fun ones with the SCUMMBags at a local rocky out crop on a cold Saturdays morning and as usual the stoke was flowing thick and fast..

Anyways, keep on smiling.


Jul 14, 2018

From George Leone

Like all mat surfers in their right mind, he imagines going right!

Jul 11, 2018

More TS Chris


We got some Tropical Punch in the water today! Yeeewwwwww! I call this one all eyes on me. Fast almost closeout conditions but boy where they Beautiful!

Let those Positive thoughts flow!  Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love from Florida!

Super Stoked,

Jul 9, 2018

North Florida Morning Light




I got out with Chris this morning...for some Tropical Storm 'Chris' front runner swell! I was blessed to watch the sunrise and catch a couple of Dreamy slides! 
The Omni eats Everything!

Super Stoked,

Jul 7, 2018

From Mikey

Hey Paul,

Few weeks ago traveled up to Oregon and took a couple mats to Short Sands on a somewhat choppy day. My local friend Jeff kicked out for the fist time. We had fun, laughing and screaming while surf boarders struggled to find much. Looking forward to more travel with my mats.

Mikey (Mooks)

Jul 5, 2018

From Michael

 Hi Paul!

New customer feedback...

Just wanted to say THANKS from Journey, myself and George for your Rapid Response that made our holiday fun possible!  Now we just have to experiment a lot to understand how to use the mat better and be STOKED!!


Jul 2, 2018

From Rob


Here are some shots of the micro swell the other day. The Omni still gets down the line!
Positive Vibes and Healing Energy my Friend! Much Love from Florida!


Jun 30, 2018

From Steiny

Garage sale find...they gave it to me!!!

"I-Beam construction. A new dimension in appearance, stability, and durability..."


Jun 27, 2018

Unintended Consequences

I put up a posting on Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch on Displacementia a few days ago.

Another thing worth mentioning -- one that relates more directly to mat surfing -- is the "side spot" created by the generation of the wave. The junk behind the main wave actually looks rideable on a mat! This could be a hidden gem in the wave pool paradigm. Why let it go to waste??? Hold a mat meet while a pro contest is going on!

Jun 25, 2018

From Colin

Hi Paul,

Finally got to ride the mat!  What a blast!! There was a bunch of us body surfing. Whe has hand planes and a few of us had our mats as well. All 4th Gear Flyers. 2’ with some little faces. Super duper fun, right here in Rockaway. A spot we call the Box. Not bad for summer surf. 

Thanks for the mat!


Jun 15, 2018

From Rob


Summer is here!
Thank you so much for all you do!
Positive Vibes and Healing Energy! Much Love from Florida!

Super Stoked,

Jun 13, 2018

Our Relationship With Water

This is a long read, and in no way surfing-oriented...but any surfer can relate on a visceral level.

And, a hopeful project to help rid the ocean of plastic...


Jun 11, 2018

From Adam


Howdy Paul

I had John Adkins write to me, he is coming back for a visit again and bringing mats with him as well as kneeboards, should be here in a months time, so just in time for the true cold winter swells to arrive. 

I meant to slip this edit to you last post, its from the morning that Neal filmed , you can really see how hard his crap hips have affected him just walking, but he is all good and in recovery from having 2 new hip joints installed, he sounded in good spirits when I spoke to him this morning, a week at rehab, then back home to recover...we will have our own camera man for a few weeks till he is back in.

This was our last together before his operation, this break is called the Bogey Hole, such a fun quirky right hander, when its really big you can take off from around the point ( it called Kamakazi's)  with a big bowl section before wrapping back into the bogey hole . Its so much fun on mats and the trick is to take off right next to the wall, ride the foam wall, then pull into the bowl section over the rock ledge and then onto the reform which takes you onto the beach.

I love my kneeboards but have been rocking on these little soft top boards, so much flex in them, riding boards 4'6" you learn rail control is totally different to surfing a standard fibreglass kneeboard...this was our 2nd surf after riding mats most of the morning.


From John

Hot Bod Beach Babe Pool Float.

Hit the beach, pool, or lake with a hot body--no matter what shape you're in! Heavy-duty vinyl pool float looks like the hottest gal above water, and features 2 handles and an ample "bosom" for you to comfortably rest your head. 

Approx. 72" x 35" with reinforced edges.

- Hit the beach, pool, or lake with a hot body--no matter what shape you're in!
- Heavy-duty vinyl pool float looks like the hottest gal above water
- Features 2 handles and ample "bosom" for you to comfortably rest your head.
- Made with REALPRINT technology.
- Approx. 72" x 35" with reinforced edges.

Strip And Dip World Record

Details (but not too many details) on the successful cancer fund raiser are here ... well done, lasses!

From Adam

Jun 8, 2018

From Adam


Howdy Paul

Its been awhile since I last wrote, so hope all is well at your end of the world.

We have had plenty of swell and waves of late, but the other weekend was more special as we were able to score this reef to ourselves for a couple of hours before being joined my a fellow surfer.

Neal is due for his double hip replacement this Thursday, so with him finding it harder on the mobility scale, he decided to film instead of surf , which is much appreciated and I think he did a great job as well.

I also was trying out a couple of new camera mounts ( attached to ankle & forearm ) lucky as I broke my main helmet camera mount , duck diving a wave, so was able to quickly switch whilst in the water and continue to join in the fun.

You can see the difference between the ' width ' of our mats, I was riding my Lotus, while both Paul and Phil were on their Omnis , the hand placements are a give a way, but Phil did mentioned to me a few weeks back that his arms did not touch his mat whilst paddling the Lotus, where as the Omni was a wider mat and his arms were rubbing the sides.

I went back the following Sunday and surfed solo, such a eerie morning with the fog.

Anyways, life is still good down here in our little part of the world!