Nov 19, 2018

From Scumm Invader Paul "Oily" Newman

Hey Paul,

Hope your well, good to hear that your on the mend albeit slowly.  Well we’ve managed to spread the 4GF stoke a little further again and you know we enjoy it..haha

Glad Mike got in touch with you .. he was pretty stoked after his first 4GF experience, he was blown away that we mat riders were so plentiful down these parts and warmed to us SCUMMbags quickly.

Mike soon learnt the art of sharing..


footage of our morning's fun..

Take care friend..

Nov 16, 2018

From Ken McKnight

Hi Paul,

I felt compelled to send you the attached photo I took a few years back. The bottom turning at flank speed on the inside is Scott "Elvis" Kurst, James "Mattitude" Sowell is going a million mph in the middle and Eli Kurst down the line trying in vain to take off. Shot deliciously in color on a very overcast day (can you tell?)

Below is another pic from the same day, with Scott in the Bowl.


Nov 15, 2018

From Marc Braat

Hi Paul,

Just came back from a small trip to Portugal. 
That day the weather was pretty bad, but the waves were ok. 
Hope all is well with your health conditions. 
Say hi to Gloria! 


Nov 13, 2018

JJ's Handplane


Tired of dragging your hand crafted Paulownia wood handplane back and forth to the beach? Fret no more! Jonathan Jarrett freed up space in his car with an inflatable hand plane!

Nov 11, 2018

Veteran's Day

Chu Lai Marine Air Base, Vietnam. Summer, 1965

Nov 8, 2018

69 Year Old Man Sues To Lower Age To 49 ...

All he has to do is buy a surfmat and be instantly transported back to age 9!

Details here ...

Nov 6, 2018

Happy 77th George Greenough !!!




Nov 5, 2018

From Scott

Cayucos mat crew surf check!

Nov 2, 2018

Tips From The Great Beyond

Eric "Mat Man" "Da Bolt" Bridges has been surfing on another plane for a year or so. But that doesn't mean his earth-bound wisdom has stopped flowing!

 Here, Eric redefines the concept of "riding a low inflation mat."

 Step One: Suck every bit of air out of your mat...

 Step Two: Confirm Flatness...

 Step Three: Go out and rip on inch high shore pound !!!

Oct 29, 2018

Another Day In Paradise ...

Howdy Paul

4th Gear Frequent Flyers Club...

We scored some fun waves this past weekend with Gilligans Island & the Brat Pack providing plenty of laughs. The surf was only a couple of feet and low tide coming in but plenty of fun anyways.

The Lotus is still my favorite mat to ride followed close by the standard.

I have attached a photo of Luke who was crushed by a tree while working for the national parks, broke his collar bone, ribs, punctured lungs , pretty well messed up, and as his recovery sped up his wife Queen Bee ask for a lend of a mat to get him back in the water, which he is pictured with, one of your standards that you sent over!The last month he is back on a board, slowly , very careful what he takes off on, but at least paddling and riding....and thats his wife in the attached video surfing the black long board .



Oct 28, 2018

From KP

Jared Woods, Erin’s husband forth gear flying ! 

Oct 27, 2018

Central Coast Elephant Seal Cam Back Up

The fantastic Piedras Blancas elephant seal cam is back up, after being down most of the summer. It's a great way to reconnect with the natural world, when "our" world starts to get you down...