Aug 28, 2013

3 Good Vids From Wardie...

The bottom vid of Greenough is textbook!

Aug 23, 2013

From Jeffrey...

It has been an active summer for me, and quite some time (four and half months) since I purchased the Standard from you during that spring sale.  As it turns out, for a rider of my size (5' 8", 145#) it is a fantastic mat in the 3-6' range, especially when the waves are fast and hollow.  After riding my TRT and 5GF mats all winter, I found the Standard responds much in the way a squash tail thruster (80s shape) does, as compared to winged or rounded pin tail surfboard (70s or fun shape).
The Standard is quite maneuverable in the pocket.  The real key lies, as most experienced mat riders know, in riding it at only partial inflation, say 90-100 degree bend in the mat when inflated.  When "floppy," the Standard provides amazing speed in the curl and off the bottom, and a trim sensation heightened by having less mat underneath me.
While most of the summer I rode my displacement hulls, I did make an effort to hike my mat (and board) to a secluded, but fabled summer point break at the end of July, and was blessed enough to score 4-6' surf with only a few other lucky souls in the water. 
Hope you are getting waves and looking forward to a great fall.  Good luck with mat production and sales.  One day me and my bro Jason want to hook up with you for a surf/story session, as surf stoke is the stuff of life.  Thanks for such a great blog; it's truly inspiring to see how many stoked riders there are out there, especially when it feels like I'm the only one for miles here on the North Coast.
Two thumbs up on the Standard model, my bro may just want one too!
Stoked as Ever,
Jeffrey G

Aug 16, 2013

All time !!!

Hi Paul,

This is from noted surf hooligan and artist Orion Sheppard!


Aug 6, 2013

The Matter

Not sure about the veracity of any of this...but Surf Sister passed it along, so how can we dismiss it???

Hermosa, 1947...

There's a quick shot of some mats in the shorey near the start...the rest is pretty interesting too!

Aug 4, 2013

I nearly surfed Portugal !

This is  what the locals call "waist high" in Portugal!
I took my Omni to Portugal & Spain recently on a trip whose purpose admittedly was mainly sightseeing. But I did begin to wade into a waist-high beach break which was offering the occasional tapering shoulder, only to be whistled back by a life guard who told me, ‘no surf vehicles due to strong side shore current’. But I was welcome to body surf! Apart for some 1 footers on Portugal’s southern coast that was the only time my mat touched the ocean .

Aug 3, 2013

Cool "My Paipo" Posting...

Paipo aficionado Robert Moynier tills a lot of fertile ground in an interview with Jeff Quam in a recent posting.

The highlight of the article, of course, is the rare shot of Art Brewer surfing a mat at inside Sunset in the early 70's!