Aug 29, 2021




Riding a 4thGearFlyer in overhead waves. This was my first session riding the Lotus model. The handmade surf mat by Paul Gross is narrower & has less volume so the idea is you'd want to ride it in bigger surf or smaller waves with power. This particular day in Hawaii had some size, but also had a little wind which created some bump. The Lotus felt more responsive and easier to turn. Glad to have this model in the quiver.


Aug 27, 2021

From Lou


Lou G. put me on to a really good website, "The Surf Film Archives."  It's free to join, and there's a treasure trove of old surf films that haven't been seen for decades.

Here are some frame grabs of George G ripping on a Converse Hodgman mat in the early 70's...

Thanks Lou!

Aug 23, 2021

Introducing Bobby


Hey Paul,

Meet BOBBY, first born son of Joshua Simpson and Bella Sykes. Like a boy to water. Favourable conditions in Australia. Cruising in first gear. Happy Floating. 

From Crowe

From John



Hello Paul- 

Here is a pic of me riding my other one at typhoon lagoon at Disney a few years ago. The mat was made for that place.


Aug 16, 2021

From Lloyd

 Hello there Paul

 thought you might like this shot  I like the unusual perspective of this screenshot from a video with the camera mounted on my helmet air mat surfing a few years ago when I was 65

Cheers Lloyd

Aug 10, 2021

From NY Matt


Hi Paul,

I made this vid in some shore pound this weekend!


From Mr. Wise



I just spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica visiting my son. Had the opportunity to ride my mat in some fun surf. Really having a great time learning how it works. 
Thank you!

Paul W. 

Aug 9, 2021

From Mark


 Surf matting swamp style...nobody drops in!

Hope you're well,
Mark P.

From Chris