Sep 18, 2019

From Paul W

Here I am finding micro shade on the Omni a few weeks ago. I don't think I'll pick up a surfboard again.


Sep 14, 2019

From Mat Max

 Hi PG, Howzit?

Not much surfing lately due to continued muddy waters on south shore from spring runoff. Too spooky with ever present tiger sharks (who are not a problem in clear water). Everyone in my life are fine. Anyway, I spotted this interesting vid that relates to mat technology.

Hoping you and Gloria are well... Fat Max

Sep 13, 2019

From Biarritz

Thks Paul, i will try to send you a picture of one ride as soon as possible!

Sep 9, 2019

From Mikey

Hey Paul!

Can't tell you how much joy matting brings to my life. All I know is that it's a gift.

Attached, a shot of my friend Rob on a mat under a pretty sky.

I'm headed to Australia at the start of October. Can't wait to mat there.

From Dwight

Made it to Gaeta!


Sep 5, 2019

Largest Mat Wave Ever???

Mister Dirk submitted this image of himself on what he claims is the largest wave ever ridden on a mat.

"No one has ever seen a wave larger than this," he said. "Totally a Category 6 comber, which no one has ever even heard of...let alone ridden, let alone ridden on a mat..."