Jan 31, 2014

From Tremor ...

Mat (Wo)Man to the Rescue!

Jan 22, 2014

From Aaron ...


I have been surfing for over 30 years. In those 3 decades I have made it a point to avoid publicity and crowded spots, often surfing by myself. I was successful at this strategy until last May when I received my first surf mat from you. Now everything has changed.

Now people I have seen in the water most of my life know my name and I know theirs. I find myself indulging in the social aspect of surfing rather than relocating to an uncrowded beach.  I look forward to riding waves with my friends rather than yelling at them to pull out. Even when there are 500 people crammed in the lineup, being on the mat makes it easy for the familiar faces to distinguish me in the fray and we exchange smiles amongst the hundreds of poker faces.

Since the media hype has totally destroyed the soulful aspect of surfing in the Santa Barbara channel, the mat has brought a new perspective to me that has restored the long lost stoke. The crowds grow exponentially every year, but now my list of friends in the lineup grows exponentially with it. This has been an unintended side effect of mat surfing, and I am all the better because of it.

I now look forward to the next 30 years in the water, all because of a little bag of air. I consider myself lucky to have a wave over my head and fins on my feet.

Keep the canvas side up,

Jan 21, 2014

Bretto ...

Hi Paul,

This was a few days ago we had a few days of small surf (but a real swell) and clean offshores. Lotus 7.


Jan 19, 2014

Omni News From Around The World ...

Greenough on his Omni, as photographed by Bretto. NWS, early December, 2013

Like so many mat riders around the world, Luke Elmer is an artist. He's from Santa Cruz, and a new Omni Owner. Here's the bio from his web site...
"My work is influenced by romantic lifestyles of all kinds. Often I draw inspiration for my imagery from nautical folklore of antiquity or from Classic American iconography. I use traditional and improvised craftsman techniques to actualize my imagination in sculpture and print media.

Growing up fishing, surfing and sailing, I developed a deep connection with the ocean and all that revolves in and around its depths.
Also, through traveling and my experiences along the road, I have been exposed to many different walks of life. Through my prints and sculptures I aim to portray the ocean in all its glory and to pay homage to those who are continuously in search of new experiences."
And here's some of his work...

Jan 15, 2014

From Michelle and Bretto ...

Hi Paul,

Here is Michelle's first wave on the new custom Lotus 7!


From The Surfless OC ...

Hello Paul,

I was surfing the web this morning, and this caught my eye.
I was thinking, "PG might get a kick out of this!".
I haven't been matting too much lately....the lack of swell down here is really a bummer.
Looks like that's set to change though....reports of some good-sized stuff coming soon!

Take care,


Addendum From Steve Penny...

Jan 14, 2014

From S. Penny ...

Nestle paying homage to the 4GF Classic?


Jan 13, 2014

PG Article in Liquid Salt

This article is so informative and insightful. I wanted to make sure it was seen by the mat community (even though it's not about mats). This is an article about single fins. I am a single fin believer. I have a quiver of five boards. Only one of them has more than one fin; it's a bonzer.

I, like so many others, see no reason to put more than one fin on a surfboard. I think Paul's article does a good job of explaining why that is.

Here's the link to Liquid Salt.

Single Fin Surfing: A Question Of Balance

Jan 11, 2014

From Tim ...

Early in the morning, the last day of the year 2013, waist to shoulder high waves were rolling in at the beach Fontanilla in Conil de la Frontera. I took my surfmat and went out. Sliding these waves alone for more than one hour was pure pleasure.
Watch the video and get a glimpse of what it is like to ride a surfmat. Enjoy!
Bloom – by Ryan Taubert
Licensed from themusicbed.com
Camera: Christina Nüske and Tim Ciasto


Hi Paul,

I just wanted to wish you a good, healthy and happy year 2014!My wife an I spend the holidays
 in southern Spain to refuel and enjoy the light and the warmth there. The waves were great and I had plenty of opportunities to surf. On most occasions I used my Omni.  What a great mat! Thanks for making one for me.

One evening I got some amazing rides at Cape Trafalgar. The light was absolutely beautiful and waves with 6-10 foot faces were rolling in. It's gently breaking righthand point-break which is perfect for long-boarding. I took one of the bigger set waves and I just went crazy fast along a steadily building wall of water. My best mat riding wave so far :-)  Unfortunately there's no photographic or video evidence.

However, the last day of 2013 I was able to score again, and this time I have something to show.


PS: I have a new year's resolution which is: Meeting other mat riders. In Sweden where I live I seem to be the only one and so far I have never physically met other people who share the same passion.

Also, it is kind of boring to only have one mat rider to film ;-)

That Was Easy ...


 Recent office delivery of a printer cartridge had some interesting packaging!

Jan 8, 2014

From Michiaki ...

hi paul san,

happy new year.

my one year old boy had good time with the surf mat in hawaii.

many many thank you.


michiaki ishida

Jan 7, 2014

Great Lakes Go Out !!!

While it appears that no mat surfers were on hand -- and there are a few of them who surf the Great Lakes -- this Stoney Point, Minnesota sessions looks pretty damn good.

Details here!

Jan 4, 2014

From the Putnam Clan ...

Erin and Jared love their mats, happy new year.