Sep 29, 2014

From Da Bolt ...

(Images courtesy of the Oily Scumm Photo Agency)

Hi Paul
Sorry for late response just got my emails back on line.

I am using Adam's old Omni and also my drp Omni...both are going FINE.
Johnny is happy with his Standard and keeps his bigger mat for learners.
Terry is sticking with the Lotus and he caught his best wave ever on it last week.
Justin uses a standard only 
Neal has a tracker which flies for him...he did not know there were different models. 
Attached are some pictures from another scumm mat sliding session at Gilligan's island.
Justin on his Standard...Neal on a Tracker...Terry has his Lotus...Me original Omni...Johnny also a Standard.
The water shots were taken by helmet mounted Go-Pro cameras.
The only minor prob with go-pros is they make even good sized waves appear flat.
Also it's great to hear the locals hooting us when they see us doing crossovers and having FUN.
Regards eric dabolt

Sep 28, 2014

From Steiny ... Another life enhanced by 4th Gear Flyer

Up the coast at a picnic for the staff of Island Conservation one of the biologists, Tommy Hall, asked to try my mat. He paddled out and proceeded to get a legit barrel. Thanks for making tool for joy!

Best, Steiny

Sep 24, 2014

Shauna With Her Omni ...

Hey Paul,

Here's a great pic of Shauna with her Omni: This was her first session. We anchor there quite often when there's a nice little south swell... If you'd like to add it to your blog feel free!


Tom V

From Tom ...

Hey Paul,

Here's the pic of the mat-action; hope you dig it! The groovy thing about mat surfing: a three-foot wave is double overhead! ;)

Decided to add a couple of me carving on my fish from that day.

As you know, Shauna surprised me with a FGF Standard, and thanks to your suggestion, I'm definitely digging it, brother!

I'm originally from the Oregon coast (3rd gen Oregonian, if I may add!) and Shauna and I were visiting my ex-hometown, Charleston, OR, when we ran into my old friend Greg (and Polly) Barber; that's where the inspiration came to get Shauna a mat. (She ordered an Omni from you and is completely stoked!) I've always been a stand up surfer, and Shauna insisted I try her mat, and found it to be mind-blowing and amazing - hence, her surprising me with the Standard!

The past couple weeks I've been up at my mom's house in Washington state, and surfing Westport (where I learned to surf in the mid '80's). After my stand up session, I  took the mat out and caught some FUN waves.

Shauna has excelled with the mat, she's so stoked, and has surfed on Santa Cruz Island (we keep our sailboat in Channel Islands harbor and cruise out there frequently), the Strand (yes, Oxnard!), C Street, and the south jetty in Newport, OR. 

Anyway, thanks for making a GREAT and FUN vehicle for surfing, Paul, and hope to cross paths sometime!

Have a groovy day, and pray for rain!


Tom V

Sep 22, 2014

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Hi Paul
Adam calls my 4GF standard ..”rubbish bin”...cause I have hammered it so hard and patched it so much it is nearly ready for retirement... BUT air is free and so I just keep blowing it up and it’s still got a few more sets in it yet....GUESS we all know what I am getting for xmas.
regards eric


Sep 21, 2014

From Andrew ...

G'day Paul,

I hope this finds you well and plenty of orders for the air mats.
Here is an update on where I am at with the book you contributed to...

I would be stoked if you could tell 'your people' that if they pre-order here they get a good discount.
Thanks, and I look forward to talking to you further down the line to show you some content and make sure you are stoked on it.

Andrew Crockett

Sep 18, 2014

From Aaron ...

I really love the UDT. I am a larger rider so the extra surface area and float has opened up so many possible surf spots for me. I have found a “honey hole” that is only rideable on a huge SUP or mega-log, but on the UDT is a 200 yard screaming E-ticket ride! Even the logs and sups slow down and sink out right where the mat kicks into 3rd gear and gets another 100 yards out of the wave. Super stoked!
Was going through some video from a week ago and found this clip of the UDT absolutely gliding over a dead spot on a wave. The clip shows how well the mat can get over dead zones with ease and speed!


Sep 15, 2014

From Colin ...

Hey Paul!
Wanted to let you know that our bike trip (Florence, OR to San Diego) went great and I used the mat the whole way down.  It was my first time in Cali and biking the coast was an amazing way to experience it.   Have to say that all the surfers I met were stoked on the mat and our trip, never a bad vibe the entire time.
But since you probably see more than enough mat photos from OR and Cali, here's one of me hitting a spot back home this past weekend ;)    Working on a video so you can see how these waves work and perhaps recommend a model to move up to from the Fatty.

All the best !

From Eric ...

Hi Paul
Had a fun day at our local reef break with Adam, who took this piccie with his helmet mounted
Go-Pro. He takes of deep then I drop in so he can have some foreground contrast to his down the line wave shots.
I was riding his original OMNI as I have put another hole in my standard by taking on Cunji covered ledges and coming off second best. It is all glued up again BUT I will probably need a replacement soon. I like the standard the best, even though this Omni went great.
Regard Eric Dabolt

Sep 8, 2014

From Aaron ...

Here is a video of the best wave we got. Gary on the Fatty and myself on the UDT. The wave broke way outside of us, and we rode it from the outer reef to the beach. The waves this day were unsurfable on a hard board, but were epic on a mat!

A longer video with many waves is in the works!


Sep 7, 2014

From Jeff and Lisa ...

Hi Paul,
Lisa has taken over my beloved Omni!
We have been having alot of fun on our mats this summer in small waves. Now that I am back on the Vespa I really love it in tiny surf blown up pretty firm. It's like a longboard for me. Thanks again for the great mats.
Jeff and Lisa Thomas

Sep 6, 2014

From Aaron ...

                                                             Photos by Brian Rey

Hi Paul,
I just got the whole set of photos from today and will send them to you shortly. Good lotus shots in there.
Photog is friendly, would be happy to give permission for website use.
Fun waves today!


Sep 5, 2014

From Bob ...

Hi Paul, 
My son and his friend were visiting and we had some fun at Shell Beach the other day.
Matting almost permitting.


Sep 3, 2014

This Dog Thinks He's A Mat Rider !!!

From The Fun Couple, Bretto and Michelle

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the lack of correspondence of late but the surf has been absolutely pumping for weeks everyone's surfing or too surfed-out to take a photo.

Here is a couple of photos Michelle quickly snapped this arvo in between surfs.
Best regards,