Sep 26, 2011

Daniel's Blog...

The Sea Of My Mind has a decidedly inflatable flavor...check it out!

Sep 21, 2011

From Chad in the OC...

The round tail tracker has been working very well for me today rode wedge on it everything went great. did a rollo, & a pretty good air. Got some cool footage with the gopro. Here's a frame grab of my buddy on the rt tracker. Thought you might enjoy let me know if you ever need some footage for your site thanks.


Sep 17, 2011

From The Elusive RS

our friend Steve took this shot of RC and I this week -early AM- bromatic stuff

it was so fun before the snake boarders arrived!

RC is riding a board he made, a knifey/fat 5ft thing



From Mr. Dirk...

Hi Paul,

Doesn't this look like a mat? The first one I got from Dale was this color. Don't know the story behind the photo, just noticed while browsing.



Sep 15, 2011

From Globetrotting Tom!

Hi Paul,

Was in Jersey City overnight and finally put a new location on the
Matnerd-Stoke-World-Tour map. Up at 4 a.m., rolled up the mat and after a 2 hour subway commute arrived at Rockaway Beach, just as the sun came up.

Roaring jets departing JFK overhead and housing complexes behind the boardwalk gave a unique backdrop for the event. A distinctly mellow vibe on the beach and in the unlimited zero-elimination heat together with quite a few shapely waves, made it a very memorable stop.

The subway ride back to Mannhattan among the stoked New York crowd that showed up in all shapes, colors, sizes and styles was a fitting finale for the morning.

Next tour stop is LAX in Sept!


I Had a Dream Last Night...

California Dreamin...

Sep 12, 2011

From The Amazing John Culqui...

Hi Paul,

Hope all is great! Just wanted to share this lil piece with you. Me on my Vespa...minus the beard :)

cheers! John

Sep 6, 2011

Which is it???


how goes? attached some pics of me on my round-tail tracker small day last month ( or is it tracker round-tail?)

Great Fun From 1965...

Sep 5, 2011

Cottons Mat Meet 2011

There was a lot of this!

However, the mat riders showed up in force. (Jonathan, Tremor, Craig and Bruce were in the water when this photo was taken. Valerie was also there. From the left: Chad, Josh, James, Julie, Matt, Graham, Dave and Surfsis.)






Graham and Julie



Prana and Julie

Contrary to popular belief, conditions were not quite as good as they were last year. The waves were just as big, true, but the shape was much better at last year's meet at Cottons. With that said, there were waves to be had. More importantly, mat riders got a chance to come together to hang out on the beach or tear it up in the water. The sets prompted a few, including yours truly, to stay on land. Nevertheless, it was still a good day for one and all.

Rumor has it that Matitude will be calling the next mat meet (at a spot that will remain secret). He will let us know when to light up the skies with the mat signal. We will then figure out how to relay the information to everyone else.

All photos by Ken Samuels

Sep 1, 2011

From Chiledub!

"The attached inflation study probably isn't from Mars, but it does show some graceful elbow technique..."