Dec 31, 2010

Party Time In The Netherlands!

Hi Paul,

All the best for 2011!

On our beach every newyearseve they make a big fire! It takes a week for those boys to build this! So it will not be cold tonight (haha).

It's 16:05 PM now. In less than 8 hours it's partytime overhere!!!!!

Look how big this fire is gonna be!



The next day!!!

Dec 29, 2010

So then...who was it?

Australian police rescue floodwater airbed trio...

Three teenagers float down the Bremer river on air mattresses on 27 December 2010 (Image: Courtesy of Queensland Police)
Can the guilty party please step forward?
One of the Severn Bore surfers maybe?

Dec 22, 2010

Patti Smith

Culturally speaking, the parallels between surfing and music are obvious...and never more so than when we observe the imbalance between art and commerce in each pursuit.

Patti Smith was on Tavis Smiley last evening. She was reflecting on the 70's, and -- as always -- dropped the hammer squarely on the head of the nail:

"We were moving into an era where I felt rock and roll was...being taken over by moguls and rich rock stars and the idea of celebrity. I wanted to help remind people that rock and roll was our cultural voice, that it belonged to the people, and we all
could animate that aspect of ourselves."

Here's the whole episode...

And, Patti Smith on Colbert, thanks to Dr. Robert...

Dec 20, 2010

Selling Mats To Women...

Why didn't I think of this hustle back when I was single??? :)

Michelle with her new Vespa, here!

"Discovery" In China!!!

At least one surfmatter we know is waaayyy ahead of the curve on this one!

Dec 17, 2010

Ryan Mats Todos Santos!!!

Hi Paul-

Dropping a line to share a few pics from a session earlier this week at Todos Santos Island. Mostly rode stand up but grabbed the mat for a few sets.

I have a ways to go until I know how to handle the mat in this kind of surf but had a blast and managed to slide a few fun ones. End result was the the mat needing rescue from the inside rocks, but the rescue was a success with no damage to mat or rider.

Hope you're doing well!



Dec 15, 2010

German Mat Surfer Tom, Rocking His Vans!!!

Hi Paul,

What can I say/write?

You understand! :-)


Dec 12, 2010

Schnee Luftmatratze!!!

Tom from Germany found this stuff in his never ending quest for 24/7 mat action!

Dec 8, 2010

Who are you?

...and what have you done with Surf Sister!!!

Dec 6, 2010


Imagine my joy when I saw this shot from today's session. My last few sessions have seen me gain a better understanding of the mat and how I need to ride it. What made me dance a little jig about this photo was the fact that I'm banking into the turn. One rail is out while the other rail is being totally engaged. I've probably been doing that for awhile, but I didn't realize it. This, however, is my proof. What's even better is that my spouse told me, "You looked like you actually knew what you were doing out there."

You can see why I choose to ride the mat at this spot rather than a surfboard. There's so much kelp that riding a surfboard there is pointless. You can only safely go right. I'm a goofy foot, so I live to go left. The mat allows me the freedom to take whichever waves I choose, kelp or no kelp.

I was on the Tracker Square Tail in this shot. That mat works best for me in waves that tend to get mushy. When the wave is steeper and more powerful, I go back to the Standard. It holds better in a powerful wave. Then again, perhaps it doesn't. As I said, I'm still learning how to steer these things.

I may surf a board this week. Then again, I may not. I'm having way too much fun on my mats.

Dec 3, 2010

From Marc B!

Hi Paul,

Long time not spoken. Hope everything is fine with you and the family.

Finally i can send you some Dutch mat pictures of me! The pictures were from one of the best conditions in Holland from 2010, late September.

I will place my order for the Vespa model in a few weeks. It's snowing over here now, and it's freezing...minus 7 degrees!