Mar 28, 2020

From Meredith


I was so tired coming home last night I walked right past the package of my surf mat! What a great way to start the day though;) 

Looking forward to take it for a spin!

:) thanks Paul and Gloria, 


Mar 24, 2020

Finally, Some Nice News

Dear Paul,

As you can see by the picture Kaylee loves her surf mat!! She actually squealed when she opened it!
Thank you so much for helping her grandpa make her birthday such a happy one!  AND for making sure it arrived on time!!  When the time comes, and all three grandkids are on them at the Point I will send another picture!

Thank you and all the best to you!


Mar 21, 2020

Corona Virus Lockdown: 4 Mat Go Outs Across The Globe

On the North Shore, Andre cracked early morning Velzyland on his Standard. These kinds of rollers are a lot more fun to ride than they look. The end of the last ride, where he negotiates some cris-cross backwash, is a mat surfing classic that only the cognoscenti will appreciate...

Andre wrties:

"My friend Skie Facer shot the footage. 

His wife is a professional videographer for all the upcoming Surfers and companies around the world and he just shoots for fun on the side so he hooked me up. 

He has a lot of respect for the old school roots and we surf V land together regularly and share waves.

(We will film more tomorrow, hopefully.)"


The Queensland Superbank was pumping, and this image snuck into the Surfer Magazine home page...with an anonymous matter dropping in on what had to be an all time ride...


The Central California mat-mob had a session at Morro Rock...


And of course, Adam and the SCUMM crowd got their usual unreal go out at Gilligan's Island...along with some mushy sentiment that's WAYYYYY beyond their usual emotional IQ. Disturbing, to say the least!

To wit:

"We had a super session with the SCUMM & SUB SCUMM crew yesterday morning, a total of 8 mat riders in the water, we outnumbered the board riders for a few moments !

All the World needs is some LOVE at the moment considering whats happening with this covid virus!

Our Pool Party was officially cancelled yesterday and money refunded back into our accounts...bummer!

Take Care !!


From Proneman

Mar 17, 2020

From The Inimitable Adam

Hope all is well over on your side of the world , all considering the present circumstances!

 Sending you this link from Swellnet ...
One of Lloyd Godman's temporary art installations

I noticed that Lloyd has been down to the and has enjoyed some fun mat waves. Our mate Justin Spittle has also sampled this wave puddle with the Ecto Hand Plane Crew and has planed a pool party in May which I am attending with the other 59 alternative surfer.

Yes , I know its going to be madness with 60 guys split onto the left and right , but what the heck, you only live once! I am planning on surfing it either side of the Saturday night, so taking down all my surf mats, hand planes & soft boards to give them a whirl ! Check out Justin from their trip down earlier this year...

Should be a fun night at the Puddle! May your Toilet Roll stay full!!


Mar 11, 2020

Mar 10, 2020

From Nolan


Legendary surf-globetrotter Nolan H. made a pilgrimage to Africa, and sampled the offshore island of N'Gor, which started Mike and Robert's Endless Summer adventure. Of course, he rode the rights on a surfmat...


Here's the the island today...

Mar 7, 2020

Cristina Matting Attempt #1 ...

Hi Paul,
Took it into the sea. Realized its a LOT of work in small surf. Shall attempt bigger waves soon 😂
Didn’t crash it or break it though. Hahaha.
Will update as I go!