Aug 29, 2020

50th Anniversary of The Isle of Wight Music Festival

So what does the Isle of Wight Music Festival of 1970 have to do with surfmatting? Our man Kenny Hughes was there with another legend of alternative surfing, the late John Brockway!


                              Globetrotters Kenny and John in Central America, a few years later.


Using modern facial recognition software, we were able to pick the two, very young San Diegans out of the IOW crowd with a predicted 99.997% accuracy.

Aug 27, 2020

From Greg



It got a bit better, but my camera battery died.

Aug 23, 2020

From Lou


 Hey Paul ..

A good mate purchased this in '71 for $25..left under a bed at his mums house ,flat and coated in Talcum Powder..just pulled it out the other day,still in good nick..
Think Bob may have purchased a Flyer from you a couple of years ago for his wife..
Take it easy.😎

Aug 15, 2020

From Kevin


 From Kevin Mirsky. He’s a surfer/artist from Marin.


From Lou -- 1965 Australian Beach Fun


Aug 12, 2020

From Ward


Dear Paul,

Thanks Paul!  Ky and his kid sisters worked last weekend to try and make some mats out of pool floats and a hair straightening iron.  The smell of melted plastic and laughter.  They took them surfing straight away and had a blast except he had to inflate his mat with every set of waves on the horizon.  Ha!  His first version was an old thermarest I had in college.  Before my living room became a wasteland for prototypes I told him to just get the real deal!

Thanks again,


Aug 1, 2020

Mystery Event ???

From Brandon

Even with only 55% power on hand, and 22 Brandon Carlsons ahead of him, Brandon still manages to convey is stoke!