Feb 18, 2019

Latest SCUMM Perversion

The SCUMM boys really outdid themselves this time. They crack the local righthander -- fine so far -- then they hit a local cafe for an apre's-surf snack...and the dump is WI-FI-Free!!!

Warning...this video contains disturbing content for anyone born after 1970.

Feb 15, 2019

Be My Valentine?

On the heals of the last SCUMM post from Adam -- you may recall, it involved a graphic love letter to surf mats -- this one appeared in my inbox yesterday.

Yes, it involves SCUMM, mats, and Valentine's Day. But fear not, there's nothing beyond some tame anthropomorphism. A step forward for the lads of the South Coast!

Feb 14, 2019

Blessed Relief

In an attempt to purge the surfmatting community's consciousness for the previous posting, here's a neat pic of an Australian beach in the 1930s. The mat, obviously, is a Surf-O-Plane. Interesting is the importance they gave the craft...placing it front and center of the picture.

Feb 10, 2019

From Alex Kopps, Via Steiny

From Jonathan

Hi Paul,

How are you? I hope you are well, and enjoying the rain.

I'm taking a class in Internet research strategies for library workers, and doing a lot of online searches. One of my default search subjects is surf mats. I came across this. Kind of cute, but probably it's outstanding feature is that it's not copyrighted :)

I've decided to go back to Raglan this winter, March to August. What the hell. I'll be finishing my online semester there, so I'll have my laptop. I'd love to send you some mat-centric surf news- nicely typed this time- if you like.

Best wishes,

Feb 5, 2019

From Kevin Urban

Hi Paul,

I surfed the point with the mat... I got a couple in the challenging conditions.

Thanks again. 👍


From Hal and Sherry

Found on Facebook...

Rental "Surf" Mats, 16th St, Newport Beach ~ 1969
Photo: Laurie Locke

Feb 1, 2019

From Drakes Beach

Elephant Seals take over Drakes Beach near San Francisco during government shutdown...and refuse to leave!