Sep 30, 2013

From Steiny ...

Come join us, friendly people and some great work. And beer...

402 Ingalls Street, Unit 21
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 458-3466


Sep 26, 2013

Ark Nova !

If it's inflatable, it belongs to US!  Details here ...

Sep 24, 2013

Jenn, With Child, At Kaisers...

Hi Paul,

31 weeks and still charging!  Thanks again for the surf mat.  Jenn loves it!


Sep 17, 2013

Lisa's First Go-Out...Ever !!!


Hi Paul,
Here's a couple of pics of Lisa first time riding a mat. Never surfed before. Now a big fan of the Vespa!

Sep 13, 2013

Prono Paradiso Goes Viral !!!

Neil Pye's handmade lay down event -- interpret that as you wish -- is now being hyped by Pacific Longboarder in Australia! Details here ...

Also, if you're in Australia, there's a $30 off 4GF sale in conjuction with this event. Details here ...

Sep 7, 2013

Opening Day On Maui...

Hi Paul,
Today was the first NW of the season here on Maui. No wind, plenty crowd. Thanks to the mat I headed into the rocks and surfed solo fun where board surfers rarely go and when they do they often break their boards. So thank you for creating options!
This shot is from a few years ago, but it illustrates my point.
:) Matt