Apr 30, 2010

Marc From The Netherlands...

Hi Paul,

Just came back from France (Anglet). We had very good waves and weather!

It's great to surfmat on ocean waves instead of the Dutch North Sea. I had really good rides!! French surfers were looking pretty weird when they saw my mat. One guy came up to me and asked about the mat. He had never seen such a vehicle before...he liked it a lot!!!

I send you some pictures. We couldn't take proper mat pictures cause the camera was to small...

Anyway: stoked!!!

All the best


Apr 28, 2010

The Heart Of The Matter

Ten Miles From The Nearest Pavement

Although I don't question why I like matting so much, this is a good subject to post on. Well... the big kick for me is the Zen aspect of no ego. Mat riding is what it is. An engaging pursuit of hard-earned direct knowledge with no payoff except for the pure act in itself. I tell people it's the nerd version of surfing. But that's just an easy way out of trying to explain an unrelateable hardcore pursuit.

In reality, there is no simple explanation, due to the subtle complexity of shaping the craft to fit the environment. And lately, the huge realization is that with PG's help, I have arrived at the point of finally owning a surf vehicle that requires no further development. After over 200 surfboards and 20+ mats, the current 4GF Standard leaves me with no hunger for improvement. For the first time in this life I don't want more or different in the lineup!

My pod PF2s work more than fine. Good heel savers and fin leashes do the job. And my 4GF Standard performs flawlessly. From solid 10' third reef Boilers to 1' inside Babies. Even though I have a great brand new surfboard, plus Hybrid Fatty #1 and a late model Gen 1 XL, I'm hooked on the current Standard. My friends in the water all ask where my board is, and I come up with something like, "I'm going old school," or whatever comes to mind. The reality is that cranking turns and gliding walls on a perfect mat is way way better.

I finally encouraged some extra-good surfer buddies to go matting with my spare mats and flippers, and they exclaimed along the lines of, "Now we know what you are experiencing! This is really fun!!!" They thought I was from another planet until they tried it, and now they are asking for more. Of course, they balk at the price, but their sticks all cost over $500.00.

The big lesson here is that there is no way to get to the heart of the matter without going matting! So there you go...

Apr 24, 2010

There's Something About Bob...


The Standard arrived in Friday's mail delivery. USPS protocol varies from state to state, but as you can see...in TX, if it makes it to the mail box (3/4 mile from the house) it meets government standards!

Bob, the resident semen specialist, was there to confirm delivery...

12 hours later I had the mat in the water. Another timely swell arrived Saturday with offshores all day - shoulder to head high and water warming to 70. Rode your mat all day and got 5 hours of uninterrupted, roping A-frames.

It's resting comfortably this evening.

Mil Gracias,


Apr 21, 2010

From Uncle Grumpy in San Clemente...


Time and tide were against me yesterday, but I got out this morning before the breeze came up. 2-4 foot SSW and pretty clean. I JUST got back from the beach...


This is what I have been wanting in a mat. The shape and especially the new stiffer deck material makes it sooo much easier to handle, move around on and paddle.

I'd pretty much given up riding a mat in the local beach breaks just because I spent too much time wrestling with the mat between waves, but this new gem certainly changes that!

I am stoked!

I even got a little barrel this AM!

Also, when you have some time, please have a look at our website. http://www.glassicsart.com/

Again THANK YOU! Stoked!!!


Apr 20, 2010

Thoughtful Post From From Tuesday's 23 Breaths Blog...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Locals Only

I read a lot of stories about
locals and loyalism

I consider of myself as a local
of several spots really
but more than just surf spots
as much as
the small strip of coast where
I grew up
and still reside

I like to think a local is someone who works to develop,
over a period of time,
some personal sense of place of an area

With some knowledge of the history of a place.
A feeling for the geology of a place
how it is moving in geolocial time

In terms of the meeting of land and ocean
how is that interface changing?
Since it is always in flux
always moving
there is quite a bit to take in

Then there is knowledge of the
flora and fauna of a place,
as well as
things like climate.
Are we in a drought this year?
Last year?

Explictly important to surfing and surfers
but equally important to fisherman, boaters etc
What swells reach the coast? What directions do they come from
Where are the swells born and what seasons produce which swells.
Oh and how is the wind that time of year?

So a more than passing knowledge of
the characteristics of a place

not just where the locals park
(although thats good too)

not just a drinking relationship
with the current pack of
supposedly Alpha males

should characterize
a true local

but that's just me

I hope the next thing
I read about locals
is that they organized

a local
"Clean up the Beach" day


from drowning
by paying attention
to some visiting non-locals
an by using their "local knowledge"
to identify a dangerous situation
and safely extracted a visitor from harms way.

As to behavior in the water
try to keep in mind
that no one owns the waves
not even the locals
and that everyone out
is there
for the same thing you are
so share

When you develop
a sense of place
you can appreciate
the beach
the water
the day
as much as the waves

Posted by pranaglider

And then I woke up!

I sleep well and almost never have nightmares, but the other night I had a very uncomfortable dream where I was on some sort of surf trip and discovered that my main mat had been sliced or cut as if by a long pair of shears. Then as I inspected each of my backups, I learned that they also had long clean cuts in their sides. I lay there in bed, half asleep, with this weird feeling of distress.

What happened to my mats? Who would do such a horrible thing?? How the hell can I fix these awful leaks? I'm so physically addicted to the flying rush of riding fast waves on a mat that I literally shuddered with dread over losing my power...

Tom From Texas


Test drove the Classic before mailing it to a friend. These were Halloween Day 2009 on a little ground swell from a passing front - Port Aransas, TX.


Apr 13, 2010

From JettyGirl Online Surf Magazine

Perhaps one of the more ridiculous days in the short history of JettyGirl was the first time I met up with Schuyler McFerran. It was a clean, crisp day at Cardiff and Schuyler showed up with her favorite board, a big 'ole orange single fin that just screamed "PHOTOS!" when set against the deep blues brought on by the Santa Anas. Not to take anything away from the regal lineage that has passed through it's lineup over the years, but Cardiff also suffers from a larger-than-average ratio of middle-aged buffoons who should probably be learning elsewhere. On a decent day, the spot can be downright dangerous due solely to the crowd.

Schuyler had just paddled out and in the course of 5 minutes, no joke ...this is what happened. First wave comes in, Schuyler turns around and gets her feet wet on a clean inside right. Second wave, a SUP snakes a shortboarder and holds his oar against the poor surfer's chest so he can't get past, and continues to do so for 100 yards or so ... the worst rip-off job I've ever seen. Third waves rolls in as Schuyler paddles by me. Lo-and-behold three out of control gents jockeying for position fail to get to their feet but succeed in running over Schuyler and end up putting a large gash in her board.

Fast forward a few minutes, an unfazed Schuyler sprints to her car, pulls out a surf mat and saves the day with laughs and smiles to spare.

Apr 12, 2010

UDT Modification Update...

I've been fiddling with my latest pair of Voit UDTs for about 4 months now, making changes in the length, flex, foot pocket padding, and heel strap padding in small increments.

I finally got the foot pocket padding right, so I committed the combination of two full length 3mm wetsuit pads, one 3/4 length wetsuit pad, and one plastic top stiffener to a more permanent state.

As you can see, I sandwiched a thin sheet of water-jug-plastic between layers of neoprene using a spot bonding technique. No easily obtainable adhesive (that I know of) will stick to that plastic material, so I allow the neoprene layers to bond to themselves through holes punched in the plastic and a narrow rim around the perimeter. This firmly holds the plastic between the neoprene layers. (The bonding glue was Barge contact cement.)

The plastic was pressed onto one side of the neoprene after the contact cement had dried to the point where it was ready to be fit onto the other layer of neoprene. (About 20 minutes.)

After the neoprene/plastic sandwich was complete, I tucked the "tongue" back into the foot packet, yielding this result...

I began using the plastic inserts on the inside/top of foot pockets when Voit Duckfeet started putting softer rubber in the foot pocket area of their fins back in the 80's. UDT's have very good foot pocket rubber, but over the years I've learned that I like a really stiff foot pocket (which is padded with neoprene) and a more flexible blade.

I've used as many as three layers of plastic on some poorly made fins, but one layer is sufficient on UDT's.

Apr 8, 2010

Another 4GF Tip...

Hello Paul,

Here's yet another trick 4GF owners can try at home!

If you're lazy like me, and you drag your suit, fins, and mat into the shower after a surf...you can paste your deflated mat onto the tile wall afterwards. It'll stick perfectly!

When you hear it flop on the floor, she's ready for the shade outside!

Try that with any other vehicle...


Apr 5, 2010

From Satoshi...

Hello PG,

My email is coming from Japan.

Before I bought your Mat from your website.

Last February I tripped to Hawaii (Maui) with your Surfmat. Japan is winter and cold but it was very warm on Maui. I really enjoyed the Mat Surfing on Maui. Mat is very compact in my baggage, it is easy!

Now I enjoy the Mat Surfing in the Japanese cold water.

Thank you very much for the nice Mat.

About photo...I made these hand boards. They are compact. And big waves is ok, too. Fins, Mat and handboards, very small baggage no over charge.

Thank you,


Apr 2, 2010

Happy Mat Riders...

Make happy moms!

Welcoming Nat Morlat into the world...our newest mat rider! (And, it would appear, future Oktoberfest participant!)