Jul 31, 2016

Followup From Adam and Neal ...

 Howdy Paul

Thanks for posting that video of the three of us surfing Gilligan's on our mats, and you would have noticed Neal riding with this crazy back mount, go pro attached? 

Well here is the end result....

Very pleased with the omni, putting it into some great waves of late, its winter and pumping swells here at the moment, but mainly ride our mats at the Island and a few other bomboras, still love pulling out a kneeboard , spoon or spacecraft, depending on what type of wave we are riding to mix it up and keep my surfing fresh. 

Regards & Aloha 



Jul 25, 2016

From Dave ...

G'day Paul,

I appreciate you taking a look at my favorite mat and seeing if anything can be done to keep it going. In addition, I would like to order a new one just in case it is terminal!  Same kind Omni unless you have any suggestions idea? I'm 215-220lbs, strong in the water and love to ride my mat.

I started on a Standard then went to an Omni. My daughter Sarah still uses Standard, but I will nab it for tomorrow's Cabo/East Cape trip.  I've surfed my Omni world wide from point breaks in South Africa to some exotic South Pacific reefs.

I'm still getting some great rides on the Omni, just have to blow it up every couple rides, no problem if you can not fix it. I will ride it until it departs for Mat Heaven! 

Let me know how much I owe for the new one. I am off to Cabo tomorrow morning, will check email periodically.


This was a solo session in South Pacific Reef pass a little too much water for surfing and the break in general but really fun on a mat!

Here a re a couple of more fotos Sarah took of me one morning last winter.  I am blessed to be able to surf waves like this all by myself, not that I wouldn't mind sharing them with others. I'm in San Jose now, there was some left over swell from the hurricanes, but boat is a mess so I am in work mode.

Hoping to get out before we put to sea. 

Ciao, Dave

Jul 22, 2016

From Akihiro ...

Akihiro is a new mat surfer from Hekinan, Japan. He speaks very little English, and my Japanese is less than zero...so we've spend a lot of time on babelfish trying to talk back and forth.

If you're a mat surfer in Japan, drop us an email if you want to share anything with him...he seems like an affable chap!

Jul 18, 2016

Day One, From Annie D ...

Mr. Doyle,  on Da-Mat in the cove of Tourmaline Beach, PB...


Jul 14, 2016

Mister Dirk...Free At Last !!!

Our own mat fanatic and in-house marketing guru, Dirk Brandts (or "D.B. Cooper," as he once claimed) has apparently been spared any further hardship resulting from a youthful misadventure that, ultimately, became a part of American folklore.

It seems the FBI has finally given up on tracking down D.B. Cooper, the man who hijacked a jet high above the Pacific Northwest and absconded with $200,000 in ransom via a parachute jump from 10,000 feet.

"Allegedly hijacked," Dirk was quick to point out as we stood in line at Starbucks. "And it was more like 25,000 feet."

With an uncanny likeness to the FBI sketch of "D.B. Cooper," as well as the matching initials, it's hard to image why someone hasn't dropped a dime on Dirk by now...

But Dirk has been fiendishly clever during his decades on the run!

He's done most of his surfing in the shadows of dawn or dusk...

He's deftly blended in with beach goers who are, for lack of a better phrase, mildly eccentric...

Perhaps his cleverest ruse was the 19 years he posed as a ex-pat British surf cameraman. His highly affected, working class cockney accent was so awesome, he was tapped to lecture in acting classes all over West Los Angeles!

"I wish I could say that the whole 'F.B.I. is throwing-in-the-towel ' thing is a relief to me," Dirk commented as he paid for our lattes with an old, smelly, heavily soiled $20 bill. "But the accusations were all just an overstuffed couch filled with speculation in the first place, eh?"

Jul 10, 2016

The 11 Stages Of Enlightenment ...

 State-of-the-art Standing Island Pullout, Makaha, 1959

 Custom Woody, 1961 

 Tiki Art, 1963


 Winning Surfer Poll, 1965

 Doing Penance at Sunset, 1966

 Paddle-in Monster, Waimea, 1967

 Transition era Mini Gun, Sunset, 1969

 Single ski Prototype, 1971

 At One with the flute, 1970

 At One with personal artwork, 2007

At One with the universe, 2016
(Jilka, Lorraine, and Mike!)

Jul 7, 2016

From Jamie and Tatum ...

Hey Paul

Couple pics attached from this morning.

Today is Lennox's first birthday, and we celebrated with his first surf. Got a few tiny peelers together on the Polara Proto SS and he hooted for more every time!

It'll soon be time for you to make him his first mat.

Hope you are doing well and apologies for not keeping in touch lately.