Jan 29, 2019

From Jeff Thomas

Enclosed a frame grab from today of a wave on the Standard.

Deep south Florida. Rare wetsuit day.

Hope all is well.


Jan 28, 2019

From Jim Brady

Dolphins saw the mat and decided to join me. They know what we're up to.

Hi Paul,

Perhaps you thought you heard a Titan rocket launch from Vandenburg last week.


That was the sound of the Omni coming off a bottom turn, streaking, and setting a line...I love it.

Quote from one of the regulars today: “you were flying on that set wave.”

Quote from student on our training surf and ride for our upcoming “Surf and Cycle “ trip, following a nice mat ride: “Cool. “

Thanks Paul 


Jan 27, 2019

From Mike Lohrman

Took it out for the first time yesterday. Waves weren’t any good, but I was so excited, I went out anyways!

 ‘Let’s get puffy’


Jan 22, 2019

From Aaron

Write your own title...

 “Outermost Limits of a Pure Cry for Help”

“I Got This... Hold My Beer.”

“230 Breaths”

“One Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Mat”

"Sometimes It's Better To Be Stupid Than Good."

"$170 - $140 = $10. Is Hawaiian Subtraction Like Hawaiian Wave Sizing?"

Jan 18, 2019

From Scumm

Hey Paul,

Hope this finds you  all happy and healthy. Well it's been a slow start to the year for those that are SCUMM summer is doing its usual continual small wind swells  stinking hoy days  and nothing much to write home about. We did manage a few early sneaky rights  ( your favourite kind) during the plague season last weekend  both Adam, Phil and I enjoyed some small peelers but big time pleasers.

Here are a couple of grabs and a couple of minutes of a couple of hours.

Stay safe , healthy and happy mate.



From Jonathan

The little super 8 looking film of Greenough I've never seen.

Hope all is well!

Jan 15, 2019

From Lewis

OK, so 5 time F1 driving champion Lewis Hamilton gave Kelly Slater's aquatic brothel -- er, Wave Ranch -- a try.  I have no idea how much surfing experience Hamilton has, but he looks pretty comfortable.

There are a couple of clips on his Instagram page, and he's gotten around a million views each thus far.

Here's one of the vids.

Here's another.

I was fine with all of it...until I saw Kelly and his posse in full wetsuits basking in a hot tub.

I don't consider myself any more or less a purist than most ocean surfers, but this is a bridge too far for me. It's indicative of why there's push back on the whole idea of wave pools dominating the media-driven aspects of surfing. Wave pool surfing is indeed a different sport, with a different lifestyle.

Jan 12, 2019

From Gogglefog

Hi Paul,

Just got a week of waves in central Baja and rode each of the new mats.
They all worked perfectly and I’m especially stoked to get a water tight fatty again!
The picture is of the biggest day- the faces of the waves at takeoff were approaching double overhead. Had it to myself for 8 or 9 waves.


Jan 8, 2019

First Convert Of 2019 !!!

Hi Paul,

Loaned to my Australian nephew heading south today.

He became a born again mat man this morning!


Jan 4, 2019

Welcome To 2019 !!!


January 2019 is a unique demarcation in time, even by traditional ''New Year's Resolution'' standards. This is surely for political reasons, since politics is impacting our lives more profoundly than in the recent past. Really, you have to go back to the Vietnam War and the attendant military conscription to find a time where people were so impacted, across the board, by politics.

To celebrate this turning point, we here at 4GF have decided to up the ante when it comes to our use of self-referential language!

What was once known simply as "My Garage" ...

 Morphed into a marginally more dignified "4GF Shop"...

Which then, in a fit of self-importance, became "The 4GF Studio" ...

Now, with the template proved by such massive corporations such as Google and Apple, we will heretofore refer to it as "The 4GF Campus" ...

All correspondence directed towards us will be required to adopt this language. Any communique not conforming to this directive will end up in the cyber recycle bin, post haste!