Apr 27, 2017

Mat People Are Cool


Aloha Paul,
I'm just loving my Lotus.
I'm back in Carmel till June have been matting Pleasure Point a few times this week so much fun and tons of waves...when the A team is not out, mid-day not-best tide.
I had such a great session a few days ago that I left my Lotus and fins in the grass right on the side of the road. But a fellow Matter saw it there before her session. Then it was still there after she grabbed them and texted me ( I had my cell on the fins). She returned them the next day 🤙😀
Said she had a Standard but hasn't used it in a while.

PS  I got to surf it in Baja a bit ago worked great there too. Got some more recruits I think I bet will order.

Apr 24, 2017

Bretto's Bali Aftermath

Hi Paul,

Our Bali holiday is sadly coming to an end.

I have been riding the standard this time, as I have only been riding waves head to head and a half in height. The mat went really good especially on the long and winding powerful Indo walls.


Apr 22, 2017

From Matt In The UK

This is a heads up from the UK about something in Jacksonville Beach Florida.

I'm as confused as you are...


Apr 20, 2017

From Rob


That picture of Tina Turner had me doubled over laughing at work!

I was at Hanna Park with the Family yesterday, and after the Sun and Surf I was drowsy :)! I got to bed early to make dawn Patrol this morning. It was beautiful here and we really enjoyed the Ocean together. Couple of pics. I was riding the Polara yesterday. Chunky gems!

I hope you and your family had a great Easter weekend.

I had an amazing session this morning at 18th on the Vespa. Clean and 3' it was so beautiful. I haven't seen clean waves in a while, and they where a welcome site!

P.S. Tristan is getting the mat bug it won't be long before I need a mat for him!


Apr 17, 2017

Leg Smackdown: Tina Turner Vs. Rob From Florida

Last post, Rob had the audacity to compare his Gold's Gym jackhammers to Tina Turner's gams.

Don't even go there, Bruh...


Apr 15, 2017

Thursday Fun Day Fom Rob



I had a blast on Thursday at Hanna Park with Mariah and her Mom, who was in for a visit from Oregon. The water was still a little cold for the ladies to get in, but it was a beautiful day to be on the beach with Family.

The Polara screams for me on anything over 2 feet! I love this mat when the inside is working. I’ve been catching as many session as I can, and exploring different tides and breaks, sometimes catching as many as three sessions a day, if I’m off work.

My body is starting to respond by trimming down, and my baby rhino sized wetsuit is getting loose on me. Mat surfing has given me some Tina Turner legs too (see shot #4), but Mariah says my fin feet cancel them out!

I’m so in love with the Ocean, I dream waves, and not even a shark bite could keep me out of the water yesterday at the Poles. The Ocean has healed me and filled a void I didn’t know I had in my life. She showed me that people can change, and washed away my fear and anger, so she could replace them with Love and Joy. I owe the ocean my life, but I owe you for the introduction.

I say it a lot, but I always mean it, thank you so much for your time and for making these wonderful surfcraft. Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Super Stoked,

PS   Mariah loves her new lens!

Apr 4, 2017

From Bretto


Hi Paul,

The first few days of our trip were a bit too solid for matting, but yesterday and today I got a go out at this new spot I found which is just awesome for mat riding. The Standard went really good and absolutely sizzled.

I'll try and get some more pictures for you, but it's a bit harder as we only have phones at this time.

This is the spot. There's a right and left...

Apr 2, 2017

No Sunday Fun Day Pics From Rob This Week ...


I'm still going out today but Mariah has too much school work to come with us, so I won't have pics this time. Just wanted to let you know since last night I was talking about pictures! I'm off to spread the Stoke!

Super Stoked,


Apr 1, 2017

From John ...

You know you're getting old when an inflatable box of popcorn starts to look better to you than an attractive young woman.