Nov 25, 2013

From Captain Tom ...

Hey Paul,

Cheers from cold and dreary Germany!

Got back from cool and rainy SF a few days ago and the return red-eye flight.

View from my office...

Now I´m sniffing and coughing away during the worst weather we get in these parts...

Got the ego-cam for my birthday some weeks ago. But haven´t been able to make any decent matflics yet, due to sub-par have conditions and the fact that I somehow resent entering the water looking like a "thing" from a 70s sc-fi movie with weird headgear on and constantly having to fiddle with an electronic gizmo - so I´m only sending you two framegrabs from a slide and a paddle out
at OB, SF.

Hope all is well and that you´re getting into a meditative, measure-cut-place-weld-rhythm during your sale´s production.

Have a happy thanksgiving!


Nov 18, 2013

From Arron ...

I get wetsuit rash behind the knees if I stay out in the water more than 3 hours or hit the water for a few hours several days in a row. I have stumbled upon a preventative measure to eliminate the knee rash.
I had some thermal fleece spandex cycling knee warmers from my old bike riding days. They have a soft, fuzzy interior and Lycra exterior. Here is a link to the ones I have that work:
Testing has shown them to work even if you already have a rash. I developed a serious case of knee rash the other day and was going to stay out of the water to let it heal. Then I recalled that I owned a pair of knee warmers so I dug them out of the drawer and put them on. It looked promising so I went for it and rode 4 hours with no problems. The existing rash was not irritated and I felt no further rash developing. The warmers have a single flatlock seam that normally is worn behind the knee, so I simply put the seam to the front/side so it wouldn't cause any problems.

Please share this solution with your friends, it may help a lot of people enjoy spending more time on their mats if they have to wear wetsuits.


Nov 16, 2013

4GF Holiday Sale Memes !!!



From now through the end of the year...all high-end 4GFs are on sale for $25 off!  (Classics will remain at the everyday low-price.)
This will be a rebate sale. $25 will be wired back into your account within 24 hours after orders are received. is the 4GF home site...
The 6 week sale period gives you plenty of time to work around the holiday money crunch!

And if you're in Australia, you can either order from 4GF here in the USA, or contact Neil Pye in the greater Brisbane area, and see what he has in stock. Rattle his cage at .

Nov 10, 2013

FAQ ...

"Why don't you guys build automatically inflating mats?"

Nov 9, 2013

From Dirk ...

Hi Paul,

It was unreal. Decker got a full-on flight lesson, and he aced it. Now he sees that it's an achievable goal, and that he's not too young to go for it.


Nov 5, 2013

From Aaron ...

Small day at the corner,

yours truly....

Nov 4, 2013

Rebecca's Third Trimester Stoke!


Justin Valdez's Aquatic Ape blog is really cool in general, but sometimes it goes above and beyond!

Nov 1, 2013

Mr Dirk ...

This is from last year...