Apr 20, 2015

From Mat Max

After six months of use I've found that pod 3 fins are a significant step up from the excellent (except for being a bit underpowered) pod 2 flippers that I previously used for five years. 3s are about 15% more efficient, and unlike 2s, they haven't needed any modifications to stop chafing. (Although I may glue some nylon webbing around the outsides of the heel straps, as being soft and comfy, they stretch a bit when going at super speeds.)

Pod 3s have fairly fast kicking velocity (on par with Da Fins), are very very comfortable, and brilliant once up and riding because of their smooth shape and excellent side rails. They have superb drainage that quickly removes sand.

Pods 3s definitely require tethers tied short because the forgiving straps don't stay properly placed all the time. I've been going with pod because my feet are wide and have some sensitive knobs but my ankles are skinny. pod 3s have comfortable smallish ankle holes, and tons of interior space, which suits me. Once I hit the water I don't have to think about my flippers and just let them do their thing.

I'm happy with pod 3 and not looking for the next purchase, which must mean that they're pretty good. I recommend these well designed top-quality real rubber fins for most matters most of the time. (Make sure to use good tethers tied tight to the top edges of the heel straps.)

Happy matting Mates!

Pahl (Mat Max)

Apr 17, 2015

Bali Link From Bretto ...

Hi Paul,

Im sending you this link of my friend's blog from Bali.

Richard's parents are from US, but he was born in Bali in the 50's. He is the only bule ( non-Indonesian ) who can actually lay claim to being a local.

New swell again today at the same spot...


(Bali. Not Bretto, not Michelle...)

Apr 14, 2015

From Bretto, Michelle and Indi: Bali Diary ...

Bretto and Indi, back home during the early years...
Michelle by the temple...
Indi's first mat surf in Bali...
Going for it! Indi taking the reefs in her stride with a grin from ear to ear!
Stoked! The standard must be like an XXL UDT for her...
Mat rack...
"Dad, did you see me on that wave!"
A few more water shots from today...
Update...more Indi charging!

Apr 13, 2015

From Mat Max ...

Hi Gloria and PG,
Just realized that it's been thirty years since we met and I got my first 4th Gear Flyer from you! Initially there were lots of questions to be answered about how to ride a mat. Now I'm questioning those answers and letting the mat do the riding. The less I do the better I go. 4GF has been my most life-improving technology. All the other adoptions and adaptations grow increasingly complex and demanding of upgrades. Matting has become simpler and less technical to the point where thinking is unnecessary and it's all about feeling. These days the mat finds its own genius lines if just I let go and stay with it. Goofing around on 4GFs is one of the precious few things in life that gets fresher and funner as time passes... Cheers Mates!!!
PS: Attached is a shot of my current kit: Mini + pod 3 w/ homemade tethers + $1.50 boardshorts

Apr 10, 2015

From Eric ...

Hi Paul,

Still happily retired and the waves we have had in 2015 so far have been particularly good down our way.

Lotsa uncrowded days with alternating North OR South swells to keep us sliding. 
Our local group of "Matmen" has grown to over 10 of us now. A selection of pics included with me Justin & Steve getting a few. 
Regards Eric 

Apr 2, 2015

The Big And Small Of It ...

Hi Paul, 
I'm just sharing a short clip my twelve year old boy Alejandro riding your 4GF in Cocoa Beach, FL. I'm pretty stoke about it. Your 4GF is not only for old school, it's for new school too. More power to you and 4GF.



I hope you are doing well.
Got a couple of fun ones over the last weekend.
It was a mini mat meet, and David Song took a few pictures. This was the Omni DRP. In retrospect I should have turned at the top and run for the shoulder, such as it was, it gets walled down here on a south.
If I turned earlier and got it into 4th gear I might have made the section. The DRP definitely holds in on the drop and bottom turn!

And...apparently our own JJ rode CDM Jetty on his Fatty during the same swell!


Hi Paul,

Here are my two friends doing a surf-canoe-to-surf-mat transfer on Kauai. I was really stoked to see this and want to share it with you.

Jeremy from Malolo canoe  surf