Jun 25, 2017

From Adam...Again

Pursuant to last week's off-the-rails comment section regarding Australians and their inability to have a good laugh...

Adam (above, with sunglasses) and Eric (also above, also with sunglasses) worked overtime this weekend trying to convince us otherwise. As if shimmering, aqua blue waves and oversized slices of multi-cultural fusion pizza could somehow put a smile on their face.

We're not buying it...nice try, SCUMM wowsers!!!

PS:  Happy Birthday Adam, you dreary bastard!  (Above, with sunglasses.)

Jun 23, 2017

From Adam

Howdy Paul

Hope all is well and sending you some positive energy! (Yes, Eric told me about your health problems). So chin up mate!!

Anyways....I had a Roster Day Off  (RDO) from work yesterday, and score some fun waves with Neal for a few hours out at the Island, both of us riding mats, Neal on his Tracker RT, myself enjoying my beautiful 'slow leak' Omni! This mat would be my favorite , only had to top it up occasionally with a touch more air, so much speed and drift when wanted, such a great ride.

Neal and I had shared a few crossovers and laugh's, we had a blast! Coffee afterwards, catching up with old school mates, then another surf check of the Island, by then the swell had swung more north, so it was breaking both sides.

Power to the Canvas!



Jun 22, 2017

From The Amsterdam Mat King

Hi Paul,

Hope all is well with your health condition. You are strong so i know for sure you’re doing fine. 
Just came back from a city trip with Esther to Bordeaux (France). At Amsterdam airport i run into another surfer. 
He can surf pretty good by the way….
Do you know him? 

Jun 21, 2017

Cheap Mats: Gateway Drug ???


Hi Paul,

Just wanted to thank you for the great mat!!

That first 10 dollar mat that Steiny passed along to me is ending up in all the right hands.  I think a bunch more Santa Cruz orders are coming your way.  My friend Jersey John made an order and mentioned that you have some health stuff going on.  I hope all of that goes really smoothly for you.

The Vespa has been awesome so far and allows access to a bunch of days and spots where surfboards are not an option.  Ryan and I are starting to figure out the whole squeezing that outside rail corner and using that inside fin to help keep our line.  Still kooks to the max but having freaking blast the whole time.  Thanks again for passing along the stoke!!  Low inflation nation!!


Jun 20, 2017

Summer Has Arrived In The Northern Hemisphere

Summer means different things in different places!

In So Cal, back in the day, hitting the drive-in was a classic summertime family ritual...

Family Night at the Drive-in
 Watercolor by L.E Coleman  (C.1985)

Jun 18, 2017

From Rob



The new mats have been a blast! The UDT Super Sport catches all these little lines. It's not a speed demon, more like driving a Cadillac on a Sunday, but it catches everything and took me on some extended rides in 1-2' wind slop. My Giant friends are loving the mat even more than I am! 
Ryan rode the mat Saturday morning and got a better understanding of what mat surfing was all about. He caught a ton of waves this session and you could really see how having a mat that fits you, and the conditions you are surfing, is imperative. Ryman also got in on the action after starting his session on a longboard. It was shallow where it was breaking, so he almost called it quits. I offered him the Fatty and he got an inside barrel on his third wave. The session was filled with Joy, laughter, and Stoke. I'm pretty sure Chris posted some pictures on Instagram.

I got home and loaded up the Van for Mariah's company picnic at Dolphin Plaza. When we got there, my son Tristan and I headed down to the ocean to try out his Custom Mini-Lotus. I've been working a lot with him in the pool with his fins and he was excited to get in the lineup with me. He paddled out flawlessly, and we waited for a wave. I would call the wave out and tell him to turn and start kicking when he needed to. I kept him slightly inside of me, and the wave lifted us at the same time, I watched his face light up as he let out a yell. 
We caught party waves until my legs barely worked anymore. Two feet is chest high on an 8 year old, and triple over head on a mat 🙂! I had some great conversations with him out there yesterday, these are moment that I will never forget. I asked T how he liked his new mat after our session and he responded with "It's so sick!" 
After we all ate, Mariah also made it outside and kicked into her first open faced wave! The Joy we are sharing as a family is priceless. These mats get better and better! I tried to get up for Fathers Day Dawn Patrol but I was just too beat after 8hrs of Sun and Surf yesterday. 
Thanks for all you do Paul, your work has made such a difference to my family. I didn't get any pics this time because we where all in the water 🙂. Keep Spreading the Stoke!

Rob Pollard

The guy in the shots is Ryan on the UDT. No pics of Tristan because Mariah was in the water with us

Jun 15, 2017

Why Can't Aussies Learn To Have Some Fun???

Hi Paul

We all caught up with Terry (Toweling) Wild last Sunday, after picking up Eric and heading up to Werri Beach to meet up with our friends from the South Coast Body Surfer. Terry joined us in a paddle on his Lotus surf and a few laughs later!

Always great catching up with good friends & true mates!!


Jun 14, 2017

Two From John

Hi Paul -

I came across a rather fascinating film archive online. Here is one that I thought you might enjoy.... it is of an unknown family at an unknown beach and features some brief air mat scenes.

Undoubtedly there is more great stuff in there.  It is one of many in the "Prelinger Archives."
Plus another fascinating video...

Jun 10, 2017

North Florida Mini Mat Meet


I had a blast today with Ryan, Chris and Mariah! I rode the Fatty today, and was impressed with it these conditions. I only have pictures of me though because Ryan and Chris had to leave just as Mariah got there. 
I got the mats when I got home. Tristan loves his new Lotus, I'm going to get him out with me tomorrow. I can't wait to see him get some joy out of it :)! 
Thanks for everything, your creations bring me joy, and that is priceless. Stay positive and optimistic, we have a lot of Stoke to Spread!

Super Stoked,
Rob Pollard


Couldn't forget this one, Mariah caught me smiling :).


Jun 8, 2017

Da Bolt Is Back !!!


Hi Paul

Another "FUN" day up the coast from home.

With just a couple of the locals out, calling me into some little sliders, I had a ball for an hour.

Then I got cold  & some HOT Larksa soup was calling me.

The 4GF standard is still MY favorite mat so easy & dependable even in small waves.

Seeya soon Mate...Eric

Jun 4, 2017

From Cher and Steve


 Chris and Steve

 Joy, Steve, and Chris


Dear Paul,

We just read on your blog that you are having some health issues. So sorry to hear. Steve and I are sending healing thoughts and prayers, and hope that you are OK.

Here are a few photos from our Australia trip. There are no photos of us surfing, as I was in the water. We hope that you enjoy them.

Steve and I want to let you know how much fun that we are having, riding your amazing wave crafts. They are tons of fun!! Thank you!

Last week I enjoyed some high speed slides / drifts and pulled them off. Steve was flying!

In Australia, we had a blast matting with Joy, George and Chris. A special shared time among us all.

Take good care.

Warm regards,