Sep 21, 2021

From Bob


Hi Paul

A photo from Vermont by my friend Banjer Dan. Is it a screen door or a surf mat???
I have two new recruits, Damon and Paul.  They tried it at the Pit and one has already purchased a wetsuit.  

Bob aka Mat Man

Sep 13, 2021

More UDT Swim Fin History


This just came in from "Renbuild1" in response to an old Surfmatters post, here...

"The shot with the astronauts is fun. Most are NOT Team guys. You can tell by their swimsuits. UDT swim trunks are all we ever wore. The guy in the front row on the left definitely IS. He’s wearing UDT swim trunks with web belt and K-Bar knife. We always wore our watches on our right wrist, because we didn’t want the snare to catch our watch during cast and recovery ops. On his left wrist he’s wearing a compass and depth gauge. He recently got out of the water since his trunks are still wet. I don’t know his name, but it’s likely he’s East Coast, UDT 22.

The dark haired guy on the far left in the wetsuit top is Corney Leyden. He was a master chief in UDT 22 when I was there from ‘67-71. He was our diving Department chief and knew tons about all three of our diving rigs and kept us all current. Corney is wearing issue booties that we’re a MUST with Duck Feet, because the fins would tear up your feet without them."