Jul 20, 2021

From David


Quick birthday trip for my wife out to New Smyrna Beach, Fla for a few days this past weekend from our home near Denver, ColoRADo….    

Brought my Fatty 4thGF, first time trying it in the ocean; I have surfed The Fatty a bunch but only on stationary river waves.... It was a blast being that tourist kook in the Florida surf sporting pasty white skin, a hat, fins (booties duct taped on since my Yucca fins are size XXL my for cold water booties), and a ton of sunblock.... 

Photos are of me the next to last day of the trip taken by my wife….  The last day of the trip, I was mat surfing the outside sandbar in better conditions mixing it up in the lineup with the locals by the NSB inlet and getting my fair share of rides on the 4thGF half-inflated bag... So incredibly fun to actually to get The Fatty surfmat into ocean waves!!!….  PS, I hear that another one of my river surfing buddies just ordered a Fourth Gear Flyer (The Fatty) to river surf with as well….  


Jul 17, 2021

Latest From Scumm


Hi Paul

Hope all is well mate!
SCUMM scored some uncrowded small clean long running offshore picturesque waves yesterday!
Your mats are still holding air , producing the goods, putting smiles on faces 

Aloha from OZ

Jul 6, 2021

From Vogue


Some stuff about Margot Robbie here, but alas, nothing about her lateral-pontoon raft...

Jun 24, 2021

From Chad


 Hey Paul hope all is well!

Just wanted to share some footage of myself on a recent trip down in baja riding a 9" nail fin in a 7' hull my friend zak klein made for me. The board is stringerless eps, extremely flat rocker and convex through the tail. I loved the way the nail fin felt. I'm short and sturdy and it never felt over flexed when pushing hard like some other fins I have used.

At the end of the video I am riding a 4th gear flyer standard mat.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to post anywhere if you want to

-Chad Greenberg

Jun 15, 2021

From Jared


From Mike

Holy cow, much more fun than I had anticipated ! Turned a chest high sloppy day into a ton of fun. Excited to figure this thing out.  Thanks so much Paul.

Jun 13, 2021

From Bill

 Hey Paul 

I want to update you on my latest Puff Paint artwork. I swear I’m the oldest puffy paint artist out there!

#1 - Receive a fresh canvas...

#2 - Imagine the creatures below the surface and illustrate...
#3 - Purchase puff paint (fine tips for detail).

 #4 - Transfer art to canvas.

 #5 - “Cephalopod Summer” Begins!

Jun 5, 2021

All Time Mat Vid From Bretto




Pop-Up Mat Meet !!!

 Sunday, 6/6/21.

Leo Carrillo, dawn. 

A couple of us plan to be there at 5:30 a.m. Others have said they are showing up as well (but probably not that early).

-- Surf Sister 



Apparently, PCH was closed at one point that morning, so attendance was minimal. But the Surfline cam captured on of Surf Sister's epic rides!


Jun 3, 2021

Update from Bill


I received the shipment yesterday. Now let’s see what art will appear on the canvas...


May 29, 2021

Steiny Depicted In Retirement


Art by Kevin Mirsky 

@the_single_fin_theory on instagram

May 28, 2021

From Bill


I’m inking this one up soon. Inspired by the tidal creatures I fly over.

May 9, 2021

From Willow


Want to thank you ALL for the wonderful kind words and beautiful pictures you all shared of my dear Son Rob. His crossing has brought many dark days to my door, as his Mother, I sorely miss my only Son. Your kind words of him and joy you all shared on this blog, has brought me tears of joy on this Mother's Day. 

May you all be blessed by Robs love and joy. When he was on his mat, life was beautiful for him. May it be so, for all of your beautiful souls. Paul and Chris, sadly, never got the opportunity to meet you, know your love and kindness meant so much to Rob. He was blessed to have you in his life. We were all blessed to have Rob in our lives. Thank you again Fourth Gear Flyers. Keep flying.��


Apr 28, 2021

From The Tusked Beast

 Hi Paul, how are you? Hope you got waves during the most recent swell.

I was talking Wedge (a discrete subset of surf babble) with a friend of mine, Steve, who grew up in the Corona Del Mar area. He shared a couple of mat photos from his teenage years. 
First is from his favorite spot (not the Wedge), a bike ride from where he lived. He wrote:

"Great fast left at times.  Good cliff jump too.  Resident seal gang bodysurfing on same waves.  Lost my virginity and lots of brain cells there.  Ah, youth... "

 Photo: Woody Woodworth

I asked him to elaborate. Exercising discretion, he wrote:

"That photo from mid-1970s. And actually, my late great friend Tom Delorenzo and I had running argument over if it was his shot of me or vice-versa.  The rafts were those old striped ones, I forget make, but we called them “rubber ducks” and sometimes glassed 2 small fins into the bottom (before twin-fin boards, even).  Which sometimes fell off.  These were mainly the standard ride at Big Corona jetty, “off the end” when big south swells hit, before anybody rode actual boards there (or at the Wedge, for that matter). Warm water, rarely with wetsuits, so beyond the rocks of the jettys, nipple rash was the main hazard.  Plus big debates over whether Duck Feet or Churchill’s were better fins... "

Steve attached a second pic:

"Here’s my oldest pal Scott with his, Big Corona, 1975. October in fact , when the swells were best and school attendance got very sketchy...

Ps Churchills"

Take care,
Update From JJ ...

Saw the Surfmatters article submitted by Jonathan….stoked on that content!

Confirmed with Woody this evening that the “Scott” in the top picture is indeed one Scott Flanagan of CdM.

Who knows how many old Sea Kings (CdM alumni) will come from out of the shadows to share their jetty lore?


From The Fun Bunch At SCUMM


 Hi Paul

I scored some nice little runners on a nearby reef with just myself and a couple of Dolphins to keep me company. The Standard is still flying along! Many Thanks!!!


Apr 26, 2021

From Hal


 Hi Paul,

Several shots of a mat rider among the other chargers at the wedge in this batch from the first big south of the year. You can't miss him; it's Jamie O'Brien, wearing a red wettie.
4:18 is a great run in front of the white water!

Hope all is well.




 JOB got an Omni from us recently, and turned up in Newport the other day. Some pics of him are floating around the internet with said 4gf mat...



Apr 22, 2021

From Gogglefog


Hi Paul,

Hope all is well.

I don’t normally do tropical weather but COVID has turned the world upside down. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

My first time in El Salvador in 25 years and it’s changed almost as much as I have.

Take care, 

Apr 21, 2021

Inflated Porsche Chassis



While unrelated to mat surfing, or surfing in general, it's always fun to hear about ways inflation is used in engineering.

This whole vid is interesting, but the specifics start at 4:15...