Feb 19, 2009

GG News ...

A few weeks back George called and ordered an XL 4Gf mat. For himself.

I was like, "Dude! What do you want with an XL? You weigh, like, 135 pounds!"

And he was like, "Oh, shit, I dunno. I want to try it at "XXXXXXXX" on small days." (Spot name censored.)

So off an XL went to him.

He called again the other day to say he's gotten his mat. That's the last I've heard so far. No word yet on how it works for him.

Then Jamie M, newly christened Australian via North Carolina, sent me this link tonight...


That mat sure looks big on George!!!

(Photos by Simon Perini ...)


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Although I must say they would never have convinced me to try mat surfing 30+ years ago.

What did... were George's fervent descriptions of hard carving turns, tube riding, etc. in waves of some consequence. Way more dynamic, enticing, fun.

It's unfortunate that George's mat surfing hasn't been documented on modern equipment in larger, high performance waves.


Unknown said...

So Paul, how would the XL mat go for the lighter surfer in small conditions? What would your expectations be on this point?

Anonymous said...

Even with his lifetime of mat surfing experience, in those waves George is demonstrating the Law of Diminishing Returns.

The options:

1) reduce body weight
2) grow taller to better distribute body mass
3) larger, more buoyant mats
4) more supple materials, less resistance
5) mats with less bottom surface friction

He's trying 3).

The future is 4) and 5), especially in weaker waves.

A skilled mat surfer weighing less than George would definitely go better in such marginal conditions.

All the best

Anonymous said...

well,until those super futuremats actually arrive,we have to do the best with what we have,eh?

Anonymous said...

That sure looks like the right mat for the wave. I like the undulating curve of his rail and the way it repeats again in his wake.

Anonymous said...


The XL was orignially intended for riders over 185...not to say that a lighter rider couldn't get something more out of small waves with a bigger mat. We just don't know how much at this point.

George is 135 pounds, so it will be VERY interesting to hear his candid observations on his XL. He'll definitly be the acid test for a small rider on a big mat.

We have to factor in his talent for riding any kind of mat in any kind of wave as well! Let's wait and see how this thing pans out. I'll post immediately when he calls.

borntoloser said...

PG-Very nicely written. I appreciate your personal reflections and perspective through the lens of a lifelong mat rider.

Dale, the mat is still going great in a variety of conditions and bringin out a variety of smiles! Thanks!