Feb 6, 2009

From JJ ..

Hello Again Paul!

I thought I'd show you that striped Hodgman that came with it's original box. Actually, at the time, I'd purchased two ... a kiddie -sized one, and the adult-sized one.

Hodgman box!

Hodgman "Funflote" taken out of box, and layed out flat in the atrium.

Inflated 3/4 view...still holdin' air after all these years!

Hodgman stamp.

Bottom view.

I'll send the pics of the smaller one next. It's neat that Hodgman even considered making a smaller version for kids.



Anonymous said...

tell you what-you can still grab 70" Li-lo mats in St Ives Cornwall Uk for 6 quid.Whether they match up to the Hodgneans,noone knows,but still fun...

Anonymous said...

Pictures Please!